Fan spots ‘one of TV’s biggest ever goofs’ in early Friends episode

Over ten seasons and 236 episodes of Friends, writers, producers and directors made a few howlers.

The cult show isn’t any worse for a lack of continuity or character logic. But, looking back, people like to point them out.

Or so do the hardened fans among us. Those who re-watch the show on Netflix over and over again. Like you.

Take Ross’ virginity. Did he lose it to Carol, as he claims in season one, episode four, ‘The One with George Stephanopoulos’?

Or with the cleaning lady at college, as Chandler reminds him in season seven, episode four, ‘The One with Rachel’s Assistant’?

It could be that Ross tactically forgot about the older lady, of course. But anyway.

Someone called Ian just spotted another one. It’s not a huge plot hole like Ross’ hatred of ice cream or Joey’s sleeping pattern. But it is a blunder.

In the few episodes – back when the gang hung out in the bar when it was a bar, and not Central Perk – Rachel drops in and finds Chandler playing pool.

Chandler’s famously poor at sports (other than table tennis, which we only find out years later) and pool is no exception.

Look at this:

Oh dear. He’s trying to pot the white with the yellow. Could he be any more stupid? Sigh.

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