Ex-WWE and ECW legend The Blue Meanie celebrates 'resurrection' after death hoax

ECW and WWE veteran The Blue Meanie has celebrated his apparent resurrection after his Wikipedia page was changed to say he was dead.

The 48-year-old wrestler – who is very much alive, thankfully – asked his fans for help on social media after what seemed to be a hoax was brought to his attention, and he seemed in pretty good spirits as he took the whole thing in his stride.

He tweeted this weekend: ‘How come no one told I was dead?! Jerks!! (Seriously though. Someone fix that s**t) (sic)’

His page on Wikipedia had been edited to say he died on June 19, with one follower joking that the day wasn’t over in the US when Meanie – whose real name is Brian Heffron – noticed the error.

The Hardcore Hall of Famer dryly replied: ‘Seriously though, driving through Long Island today felt like a slow death.’

It didn’t take too long for someone to edit his profile to reflect the truth, and Meanie was still cracking jokes.

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