Ex-EastEnders star says it's a "shame" new producer can't bring back Roxy and Ronnie Mitchell

Former EastEnders actress Rita Simons has discussed her on-screen death and the impact it’s had on her life.

Rita played Roxy Mitchell in BBC’s beloved soap, but in a dramatic drowning storyline last year, she was killed off alongside Sam Womack – who portrayed the role of her sister Ronnie – on Ronnie and Jack’s wedding night.

Speaking to The Sun, Rita has expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to star on the show, but sees Roxy and Ronnie’s legacy as something that could’ve been expanded.

“I don’t want to say I’m disappointed we were killed off, but it’s a shame she [Kate Oates – EastEnders ‘ new producer] can’t bring me and Sam back. I’m sure Ronnie and Roxy returning at some point, whether it was now or in 10 years, would’ve made such a huge impact. But that decision was taken out of anyone’s hands when we were killed.”

The two on-screen sisters haven’t lost touch since their watery end though, as Rita recalled some amusing fan experiences whilst the pair have been spotted together in public.

“Me and Sam are really tight. I see her all the time,” Rita explained. “Ronnie and Roxy will never die in real life! Funnily enough, when we’re together people go crazy. It’s really funny. They’re convinced we are dead, and we’re not. They’re like, ‘Oh my God, they lived’.”

Roxy and Ronnie’s popularity on EastEnders doesn’t seem to be going anywhere either, as the actress revealed how fans are still affected by their deaths.

“We’ve been gone nearly two years and I still get, as fresh today as the day we died, people coming up to me in the street outraged about it. They say, ‘Why did you go?’ And, ‘I can’t believe they killed you. It’s funny because it’s been two years already, but I see it as freshly today as at that time.”

She continued: “In a way it’s lovely that we made such an impact that people still remember. People think it was just yesterday.

“I’m not disappointed anymore, but I miss my EastEnders family massively. I loved that place. The thought of maybe going back there in 10 years would’ve been amazing, but it’s not to be.”

EastEnders airs on BBC One.

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