England's 'most remote house' has been put up for sale for the first time

A house has gone on the market that takes the phrase ‘getting away from it all’ extremely literally.

Skiddaw House, located in the Lake District, is 3.5 miles from the nearest road, and with no other houses or buildings in view.

The home, near Keswick, has gone on sale for the first time in the 200 years since it was built and is touted as ‘the most remote house in England.’

As it’s only accessible via an off-road vehicle throw the Skiddaw mountain – and with no mobile phone signal – the new owner is going to have to be content with nature as their main companion.

Sellers Mitchells Land Agency said of the property: ‘If you crave isolation and simplicity, Skiddaw House has it in spades.

‘As the only dwelling in the 3,000 acre Skiddaw Forest, Skiddaw House is the ultimate bolthole.

‘Possessing endless views, Skiddaw is a source of perpetual inspiration, a place to create art, find peace and live in the sky.’

Built in 1829 as a home for a gamekeeper, the house is currently owned by a farmer, previously being used as a shooting cabin, shepherd’s dwelling, school field centre, and ramblers’ bothy.

It’s used as a hostel right now (the highest in Britain at 1,500 above sea level), and the lease means it’ll need to stay as this until 2027. After that, however, it can be used however the new owner sees fit.

There’s no TV, internet, or mains electricity. Instead, it’s powered by solar panels and heated through a wood-burning stove. Water comes from a nearby stream.

Inside, you can expect original stone flooring and exposed beams across three reception rooms, a large kitchen and dining area, and six bedrooms.

Agents have predicted there may be a lot of interest in the property, due to its 3.45 acre grounds and stunning scenery.

‘It is an exceptionally rare opportunity to purchase somewhere as remote and peaceful as this,’ said Andrew Wright of Mitchells Land Agency.

‘This is the only time the house has ever been sold on the open market since the property was built.

‘It has only ever been sold before as part of a much larger farm.’

If you think the off-grid lifestyle is for you, you can check out the full listing here.

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