Emotional Aidan confronts Eva about baby before taking tragic action in Corrie

Aidan Connor will take his own life in tonight’s heartbreaking Coronation Street.

Before his tragic suicide, emotional Aidan appears to piece together the truth about baby Susie.

During Johnny’s leaving party at The Rovers Return the factory boss seemingly comes to a shocking realisation when Toyah stops him from holding the baby.

The pair exchange a concerned look, before Aidan seizes the opportunity to hold his newborn daughter.

Toyah fears her secret will be exposed and phones Eva, who is stunned to see Aidan standing on her doorstep at the cottage.

Aidan apologises for his wrongdoings, but confused Eva isn’t sure if he knows Susie is his child.

She bursts into tears when he mentions the baby and admits she’s sorry, but does he know the truth?

Later, Eva is sitting alone when she discovers Aidan purposely left her engagement ring at the cottage.

She rings Toyah to reveal what happened and confesses she believes Aidan wants to get back together.

Meanwhile, Craig is embarrassed during dinner with Bethany at Speed Daal when waitress Kayla mocks his OCD.

Bethany is furious but Kayla apologises and manages to win over Craig, eventually giving him her phone number.

Elsewhere, Gail is worried about David when he storms out before his plea hearing.

After hearing about how distant David is being with Emma, Maria confronts her co-worker, so he attempts to end his whirlwind relationship.

Also tonight, Sally tells Daniel that none of her contacts at the council can help move Flora to a nicer care home.

Finally, Robert desperately tries to get Carla and Michelle to make up after falling out over Ali.

*Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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