Emmerdale’s Vinny issued stern warning by viewers as Naomi money scam ‘sealed’

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    Emmerdale viewers have been left concerned for Vinny Dingle as they seem to think Naomi Walters and her grandad Victor are trying to get their hands on his cash.

    On Tuesday night's show (July 4), Naomi, Vinny and Victor briefly discussed the money that Vinny had come into following the tragic death of his wife, Liv.

    Realising that Naomi was struggling financially, Vinny happily agreed that he doesn't mind helping her out with her current debts.

    But fans are feeling worried for Vinny as they seem to think that Victor and Naomi could be up to something much more sinister.

    Taking to Twitter, fans shared their grievances with one writing: "Naomi and her grandad gonna fleece poor Vinny??!!"

    Another said: "Vinny, stop talking. You can see the cogs turning in Naomi's head….she'll fleece him, that's for sure…and with that vile Victor dripping poison in her head, Vinny needs to wise up."

    A third penned: "Grandad is going to convince Naomi to steal some of Vinny's money isn't he?"

    Meanwhile a fourth joked: "I don't mind Naomi and Victor fleecing Vinny providing that if successful, they use the money to leave."

    According to Emmerdale spoilers, Victor will have a plan when Naomi does receive money from Vinny.

    Although the money is supposed to be used to help her Naomi with her debts, Victor will suggest that Naomi should keep hold of her new money rather than paying off her bills.

    Naomi will be left feeling tempted to take his advice.

    Earlier this year, actress Karene Peter who plays Naomi revealed that she will be leaving the long-running soap.

    Praising the working relationship she has with her on-screen dad Charles, played by actor Kevin Mathurin Karene expressed that they have a "genuine friendship".

    She said: "Being on Emmerdale doesn't feel like work anyway, but Kevin makes it not feel like work at all.

    "We get on very well – he's looked after me since the start and we have a genuine friendship.

    "It's the same with Eddie, we get on like a house on fire. It feels as though we've known each other forever," she said of Emile John, who plays her brother Ethan in the soap.

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