Emmerdale's Emma Atkins reveals there will be huge bombshell for fans at the end of Charity's flashback episode

The ITV soap will be examining Charity's past and her abuse at the hand's of DI Bails when she was a teenager in an upcoming episode.

Emma appeared on today's This Morning with her co-star Michelle Hardwick who plays her on-screen girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield.

The pair were discussing recent scenes that saw Charity finally out her rapist DI Bails and how the return of her abuser has affected their relationship.

Emma said her character is starting to "make sense" now her history is being explored.

She said: "It's quite a wonderful thing, finally understanding why she's such a pain in the beep.

"I knew she had an illustrious past and had done some awful things and was very attached to being a lady of the night and that it would be explored at some stage."

Holly pointed out that Charity is able to cope with her trauma because she has Vanessa by her side.

Michelle agreed and said: "Everything Vanessa does comes from a good place but when Charity told her about what happened, the first thing she did was call the police…"

Emma said that Charity is struggling as she doesn't know if anyone will believe her if she confronts DI Bails and reveals what he did to her when she was a teen.

She said: "Charity is thinking how can I possibly get the truth to be told when it was so many years ago and how will anyone believe me because I've told so many lies in the past?

"But this is such a delicate subject matter that you can't pretend it didn't happen and she's facing these demons now.

"And Vanessa pulls her into that, she's the first person who helped her to deal with it.

"I think the importance of the storyline is that if it speaks to anyone who has suffered any kind of abuse…if it even gets people talking then it's important."

Emma then teased that fans will discover a huge piece of information in the flashback episode.

She said: "Charity and Vanessa kind of narrate Charity's past and the audience go back and see what it was like for her.

"At the very end of the episode the audience are left with this incredible nugget of information that nobody else knows and I love it when they do that."

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