Emmerdale’s devastated Jai real dad exposed as identity sparks family feud

Emmerdale's Jai Sharma is left in a state of shock next week when Rishi finally reveals the identity of his biological father. But will this put an end to the family feud?

Next week, Arthur tries to repair the strained relationship between Rishi and Jai prior to the wedding, but his attempts prove to be unsuccessful, leaving Rishi in a state of depression.

Elsewhere, Jai is left shocked when a taxi arrives at Mulberry, and his mother Georgia emerges from it.

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However, although he's first taken aback, Jai soon becomes angry as he demands his mother to return home.

As well as Arthur, Laurel strives to mend the rift within the family before her big day and tries to convince Jai to resolve the issues, but Jai's feelings and decisions remain stern and unreadable.

Later on, while in a drunken state, Rishi encounters Georgia while heading to confront Jai.

To Laurel's shock, Rishi soon makes a distasteful comment about her past abortion and Georgia becomes angry at the escalation caused by Rishi's alcohol fueled outburst.

The following day, Jai is thrown when a resplendent Laurel descends the stairs in her wedding dress.

But their joy is short-lived by the sudden arrival of Rishi and Georgia and Jai is left reeling when Rishi reveals the identity of his biological father.

Walking around the room restlessly, Jai attempts to understand the shocking revelation, while Rishi becomes defensive.

Soon, tensions escalate between Georgia, Jai, and Rishi, which results in a heated argument and a furious Rishi storms out.

Frustrated by everything, Jai assures Georgia that he still wants her to attend the wedding and she is grateful and relieved when he relents and allows Rishi to be present as well.

While in the church, Georgia leaves a pleading message for Rishi, urging him to come to the wedding. But with tensions still running high, will he?

At Holdgate, Rishi, despite feeling hurt and angry, listens to Georgia's message on his phone.

As the ceremony begins, Georgia wonders where Rishi is. Jai and Laurel exchange vows and are pronounced married, prompting applause from the attendees.

However, despite the joyous moment, Jai deeply regrets Rishi's absence on this important day…

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