Emmerdale Wendy’s tragic past exposed and killer Meena hunts her next target

Things are about to get rather intense in Emmerdale next week, as Emmerdale spoilers reveals several residents are going through quite a tough ordeal.

Wendy Posner's past comes back to haunt her, as an unexpected guest arrives at her door step to discuss her will. But soon after, Wendy is left in a compromising and threatening position.

Will she be able to get out of it?

Meanwhile Liv Flaherty suffers a traumatic nightmare when she discovers that she's been raped. However, she is completely unaware of who the perpetrator could be.

Elsewhere Meena Jutla still appears to have an unhealthy obsession with Victoria Sugden and invites her to a girls day out. But will their day end well?

Wendy's tragic past exposed

Wendy Posner is rather shaken when she finds an unlikely guest on her doorstep.

Not only this but the older gentleman named Russ clearly has something to get off his chest, as he appears to be angered about Wendy's will that she left to Victoria Sugden's baby Harry and demands her for answers

Elsewhere oblivious to what is going on, Bob Hope begins to look forward to an evening with Wendy but she is clearly still shaken by Russ and his approach.

Later on, viewers will soon discover that Russ is Wendy's abusive ex-husband who also has a criminal past.

Russ demands she get his inheritance back and is going nowhere until she does.

Feeling stressed out by the bullying, Wendy introduces Russ to Victoria as Harry’s granddad.

Taken aback, Victoria is a bit surprised by this new found knowledge but is eventually talked round. Although Wendy is resistant, viewers will soon see that Wendy has been coerced into accepting Russ’s demands.

Not so long after, Russ claims he wants to be a part of Victoria and Harry’s life, and a very reluctant Wendy backs him up.

But when alone with Russ, Wendy covertly begs him to stay away from Victoria and promises him that she will give him the money if he gives her more time to get things sorted.

But Russ tells Wendy that he doesn't have much time to spare. He then threatens Wendy and tells her that if he doesn't receive the funds soon, he’ll make sure that she and Victoria face the consequences.

Wendy is torn and to make matters worse Russ is still playing the part of doting grandad to Victoria and Bob.

But will Wendy be able to remove herself and her loved ones from this frightening ordeal.

Liv rape horror

Liv Flaherty is still having a rocky relationship with alcohol as she seems to be unable to put the booze down when needed.

Laurel Thomas notices this and decides to keep her away from temptation. Later on, Liv decides to confide in Laurel and breaks down when she discusses her relationships with Aaron and Vinny Dingle.

Feeling upset and concerned, Lauren tries her best to advise her. But Laurel's advice doesn't seem to land and things become a bit too much for Liv when she crosses paths with Hannah and George.

As a result the young lass cracks opens another can of larger.

The following day, Liv is astonished when she awakens to find herself with bruises on her arms and no idea what happened to her the night before.

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When Aaron returns to their home, he explains to Liv that he found her lying in the doorway last night. But Liv is totally unaware and tries to recollect her memories from the night before. She is also struggling with disorientating flashbacks.

Not long after, Liv is shocked and sickened as she finally figures out it was Noah Dingle who she was struggling with the night before.

After discussing her situation with Gabby Thomas, Gabby is left reeling after Liv’s mention of Noah, uneasy after her own run-ins with him, Gabby tells Liv that they might be dealing with the aftermath of rape.

While the pair are talking, Aaron walks in on their conversation and hears everything and storms off to confront Noah.

Back at home, Aaron urges Liv to report the incident to the police, but Liv is struggling to come to terms with it all and feels burdened by the decision she faces. Will Liv decide to report him?

New Meena target

Meena Jutla has been up to no good for several weeks now, but things took a turn for the worse when she murdered Leanna Cavanagh in cold blood.

Now the unhinged brunette seems to have set her sights on Victoria as she believe she may be spending too much time with her boyfriend David Metcalfe.

After taken David's son Theo while Victoria was babysitting him, David and Victoria seem to be getting over their awkwardness slowly.

But not long after Meena appears and invites Victoria to hang out with her.

Meena promises her boyfriend David that she’ll take excellent care of Victoria on their day out. However, there’s an evident hint of foreboding as she says this. But will Victoria be able to get out Meena's planned day out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm

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