Emmerdale star Amy Walsh reveals sad Tracy and Nate future

Emmerdale star Amy Walsh has revealed there’s a sad future in store for Tracy Metcalfe and Nate Robinson as the prospect of prison time looms.

With Nate, played by Jurell Carter, offering to take the fall for Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper), he looks all set to face prison time, leaving Tracy to have the baby on her own.

However, he’s holding back one crucial bit of information – that he’s facing a longer stretch inside than either of them expected.

Chatting about Tracy’s realisation that Nate is doing the honourable thing by taking the fall for Belle, Amy explained to Metro.co.uk: ‘By the time she sees just how vulnerable Belle is with her mental health, she realises Nate is being honourable.

‘She’s still not happy with it and still very anxious but she can accept that if it’s just months. She thinks they can then get on with their lives but that would take a turn on when she finds out it will be years.

‘It reflects both of their abandonment from their dads and it’s painful the thought of her child going through that. I can totally relate to how painful that must be for her – you just want to do it right when you do it yourself – you want your child to have a better life than you.

‘She seems like she is moaning at him a lot – it’s a funny one, yeah we get it but having spoken to directors about it, you can’t even explain how important that child is once you know you’re expecting. She just can’t believe that he isn’t putting her and the family first – it’s sad.’

Amy added: ‘I don’t think she sees it quite as a betrayal, just a really difficult situation.

‘She is fiercely loyal, she is there for him every step of the way especially with his vulnerability. When she sees that, she almost rallies and becomes his protector which is a nice and unexpected dynamic.

‘The journey up to the sentencing is him being secretive and brave but then she sees this chink of vulnerability and that’s enough to fall in love with him and want to protect him more than herself.’

However, it seems the pair are allowed at least a little bit of happiness, with them planning a gender reveal for their unborn child.

With Nate a little preoccupied, Lydia Hart (Karen Blick) steps up to be there for Tracy.

‘He calls Lydia and she walks through the door and she’s like “Hiya!”‘ Amy continued. ‘I love working with Karen so I’m very happy with Lydia. It brings a bit of light and loveliness and it’s nice – mother figure is a bit much as she’s not old enough – but Tracy doesn’t have a mum and that family is the closest she has at the moment.

‘All she really wants Is to be included and be part of this family. And that’s because she wants her baby to be. When Cain didn’t care less, it was really hurtful for both her and Nate. It’s a nice introduction to her being a part of the Dingles – the dynamic works.

‘It’s nice she will have them. It’s ironic though because she originally came to scam Sam out of all his money now his wife’s at her scan. That’s soap for you!’

Meanwhile, Tracy’s just trying to focus on the positivity, with the actress saying of the gender reveal: ‘It’s a really nice idea – it’s her being really upset that he won’t be at the birth and they haven’t discussed it.

‘Nate wanted it as a surprise – most parents have this conversation. But she reminds him you’re not going to be there with me at the birth when the midwife tells us and I found that emotional to film that reality of him not sharing that magical moment.’

While Amy’s not revealing if she’s hoping for a boy or girl, she added: ‘They find out together so the midwife writes it on a paper to find out together. So Tracy decides to make a party and she wants something nice to happen and they have a gender reveal party. She is trying to focus on the positivity and she just wants to be taken in by the family and get them excited.’

As for whether Nate is frightened about being inside and missing out on the baby’s birth, the star revealed: ‘Not until this moment where he breaks down to her. She thinks he’s just trying to impress Cain and be the big man but then suddenly, that chink in his armour shows he’s absolutely petrified.

‘It’s him who won’t see the baby and it’s the first time she sees it that way. He is actually scared and in quite a lot of pain. Belle’s not doing well, Cain is being awful, Tracy’s upset – he can’t really win at this stage.’

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