Emmerdale spoilers: Marlon Dingle devastated as Rhona Goskirk laughs at his marriage proposal

MARLON Dingle is devastated as Rhona Goskirk laughs at his marriage proposal next week in Emmerdale. 

The pair – who have been on and off for years in the ITV soap and share son Leo – reconnected over the New Year period.

There was some confusion when Rhona and Marlon then revealed their feelings separately to Paddy but swore him to secrecy in case they weren’t mutual.

But Marlon eventually won Rhona over when he met her dressed as Stan Laurel in a nod to the black and white movie dates they used to enjoy together.

The pair then decided to go public with their relationship after vicar Charles – who was living in Rhona’s spare room at the time – burst in on Marlon and Rhona’s romp. 

Next week, however, it soon becomes clear that the couple aren’t quite on the same page when Marlon decides to make a huge gesture. 

Marlon is fuming when Al proposes ready meals at the Woolpack instead of a freshly cooked menu, and shocked when Chas gives him the green light. 

Later, Rhona gets a call revealing that the case against her has been dropped. 

Rhona is in for another shock when Marlon decides to propose. 

When he gets down on one knee, Rhona bursts out laughing and assumes he’s having a laugh. 

A wounded Marlon tries to cover his hurt, but will Rhona realise he was being serious?

Elsewhere next week, Charity and Mack get a huge shock as they continue on their mission to rob Chloe.

The pair break into Chloe’s mansion and steal a display case of watches, but come to a standstill when they encounter a maid cleaning. 

Charity is stunned to realise the maid is none other than Kerry Wyatt, who hasn’t been seen in the village for months.

When Chloe returns home, Kerry covers for Charity and Mack but later warns them not to mention that they’ve seen her. 

What is she up to?

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