Emmerdale spoilers: Luke reveals to Victoria that he has slept with a man

Luke Posner (Max Parker) jeopardises his relationship with Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) in an upcoming episode of Emmerdale when he makes a surprise confession that could impact on their future together.

Fans of the ITV soap have already seen Ethan (Emile John) reveal that he and Luke share a past. But with his history with Ethan in danger of being exposed, Luke has decided to overcompensate with his affections for Victoria for the benefit of the village newcomer.

But future instalments of Emmerdale will find Ethan giving Luke food for thought about his actions, all of which leads to Luke eventually telling Victoria that they need to talk.

The pair first met in 2019 at Hotten General Hospital, where Luke works as a cafeteria worker. But his and Victoria’s developing friendship and then relationship was threatened when she discovered that Luke was the brother of Lee Posner, the rapist whose attack had left her pregnant.

Having overcome this, it seemed for a while as though a steady Luke and Victoria were sailing into calmer waters. But viewers can expect for Vic to be left stunned when Luke confesses that he’s been with another man.

Speaking about Ethan being the catalyst for Luke’s disclosure, actor Emile John said recently: ‘Ethan thrives on exposing the truth and revealing people’s shortcomings, so they can learn and grow.

‘It’s a harsh method and there are sure to be consequences in the case of Luke and Victoria – it could shatter the trust between them.’

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