Emmerdale fans shocked by filthy pre-watershed innuendos about Jimmy’s penis

Emmerdale fans like a cheeky innuendo as much as the next person – but it may have gone a bit too far tonight.

Over the last few weeks viewers have watched Jimmy King struggle to deal with the pressure at work thanks to two jobs.

Poor Jimmy’s stress has had a drastic impact on his bedroom performance, resulting in him taking one pill a day so he can’t still enjoy intimate time with Nicola.

Humiliated Jimmy, who accidentally spilled his secret to half the village, was lured out to the cafe with the promise of extra bacon and fried bread.

But his problems resurfaced thanks to some filthy innuendos that were awkwardly made in his presence.

When Nicola said Jimmy was having salad for dinner, Faith Dingle said: “Oh give over he’s a growing lad aren’t you Jimmy.”

Getting the wrong end of the stick, furious Jimmy replied: “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Faith explained that “a little of what you fancy” isn’t bad for you unless it’s one of Rodney’s iced fingers which are “rock solid”.

Nicola defend her dad’s sweet treats, even when she was asked to have a taste of one.

Not realising what she way saying, she added: “I like things that are rock solid.”

Rodney’s young lover Misty burst out laughing, causing mortified Jimmy to storm out of the cafe.

Shocked Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter after the saucy scenes.

One viewer said: "Rodney’s iced finger. Rock solid. Too much for a Tuesday"

"Ooooh yeah Saucy scene for jimmy pre watershed porn," another added.

A third said: "This Jimmy’s ding dong storyline is awful and cringy"

It all turned out well, sort of, in the end as later on Jimmy had a sex therapy session with Misty, which definitely sorted out his bedroom issues.

There was still more drama though as, after some afternoon delight with Nicola, she saw her bra attached to Misty.

Furious Nicola demanded to know what her husband and dad’s girlfriend had been doing in her bedroom.

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