Emmerdale fans horrified as Vinny starts gambling to pay off his dad’s debts

EMMERDALE fans are horrified after Vinny Dingle decided to start gambling to clear his dead dad Paul Ashdale's debts.

The scrap assistant – who is played by actor Bradley Johnson in the ITV soap – has decided that he has to be the one to pay back the money Paul fraudulently took out in Lydia Dingle's name.

He stole her credit card application and filled it out – before pocketing the card for himself.

And despite Paul being the only one using the card – the bank insisted that Lydia could have known he was responsible – and therefore she has to pay the money back.

But with no way of affording to pay back the £5,000 debts, Lydia and husband Sam began to panic.

And Sam even lashed out at Vinny – blaming him for what Paul did. Sam exploded at Vinny as he apologised for what happened.

“Sorry doesn’t help,” he yelled. 

“Your dad’s ruined us. That is just junk – it’s not worth anything. I want all those bags and anything else that reminds us of Paul gone by the time we get back.”

But as Vinny packed up the bags, Paul’s little book fell out – full of his gambling tips and hints – and his debts.

And Vinny appeared to make the decision to gamble to raise the cash to pay everyone back.

Fans are convinced Vinny will end up developing the same gambling addiction as his dad.

One wrote: "And that's Vinny on the same slippery slope of addiction as his dad #Emmerdale."

A second said: "Are you serious Vinny, he was gonna pay it off, with what? And now your following in his footsteps #emmerdale."

Another added: "Omg, Vinny's decided to gamble; even if it's to help Sam & Lydia, it's exactly what he's dad used to do, & supposing he loses!?"

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