EastEnders spoilers: Frankie Lewis drops a bombshell as Nancy tries to make up for her horrific ordeal

FRANKIE Lewis drops a huge bombshell on EastEnders this evening, while Nancy tries to make up for her horrific ordeal.

It’s the morning after and Frankie is still in the boot of the car crying out for help.

In The Vic in front of Janine, Mick makes Nancy tell him what she did after trying to get hold of Frankie all night. All are horrified when they realise Frankie’s phone is still at the bar.

Janine gets a message that she needs to see Liam as soon as possible and with Billy there, Liam tells her that he stole a car.

It soon dawns on Janine that it’s Frankie’s, immediately telling him he needs to bring the car and Frankie back, which he does.

Later Janine is shocked that Mick has brought Jack in to help and tries to put them off searching, just as a traumatised Frankie enters with Sonia.

In the market, Zack takes Alyssa off Martin but as he walks off her toy drops and unbeknownst to him a girl watches on. 

Later, both he and Martin receive the paternity test results and are gobsmacked to find they are both not the father.

Alyssa’s toy has been dropped off, when they scan the area Zack sees a girl.

Once him and Sharon catch up to her she tells them her name – Jada. 

She’s Alyssa’s mum and when she reveals who the father is Sharon and Zack are shocked – it’s Denny.

Callum tells Ben and Jay about the Prince Albert’s gay icon’s event night, but notices Jay mouth something to Ben.

When questioned, Ben eventually tells Callum about his past numerous partners, leaving Callum feeling insecure.

Gray wants to tell his kids about the engagement and the baby, but Chelsea doesn’t think it is a good idea, she has yet to let Denise know the engagement news too.

Later, Chelsea and an excited Kim announce the news, but Denise has a few home truths for Chelsea.

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