EastEnders reveals real reason Max married Rainie as baby Abi finally returns

EastEnders appears to have revealed the real reason that Max Branning made the ridiculous decision to marry Rainie Cross.

Viewers were horrified on Monday when Max unveiled his former sister-in-law as his new bride to his stunned family and neighbours.

But there could be method behind his madness, as it may be all part of Max’s grand scheme to get custody of his granddaughter.

Abi junior hadn’t been seen in months before tonight, so fans were delighted when the cute baby appeared on screen again.

Her location had been a mystery, until Max took Rainie to the hospital to meet his granddaughter for the first time.

"Hello, you remember me don’t you, you remember your granddad," said doting Max as he picked up little Abi and gave her a kiss.

Max then had to try to explain who Rainie was to the tiny tot, which is hard enough as most viewers are still confused.

He said: "Now I’d like to introduce you to someone. This might be a bit confusing but it’s you’re great aunt and grandma rolled into one."

Emotional Rainie held baby Abi in her arms, while Max told his granddaughter he would fight to get custody.

He said: "Now listen a promise is a promise. I know your great grandma Cora has you today. but I swear you’re going to be with me, with us, soon enough."

And some EastEnders viewers are convinced this is why he married Rainie.

One viewer said: "Max only doing this scam so he can take Abbie’s kid lol"

"See, told ya Max only married Rainie for Baby Abi. Good to see she’s not forgotten," added another.

However, other fans believe it’s actually Rainie with the big plan to get hold of baby Abi.

One suggested: "Hmmm right I think Rainie is gonna take Abi off Max"

Another added: "The look on Rainie’s face! She wants to be a mother to little Abi.

*EastEnders continues on Friday on BBC One at 8pm

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