EastEnders’ Martin left horrified as he’s quizzed over Lily’s teen pregnancy

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    EastEnders viewers tuned in to watch Martin Fowler discover that his step-daughter Lily Slater was expecting her first child.

    It comes after the dramatic New Year's Day episode which saw Stacey Slater discover her 12-year-old daughter was pregnant after she was rushed to hospital.

    Following a party at the Slater household, Lily collapsed and was subsequently rushed to hospital where she was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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    Tests later revealed she was pregnant, leaving medical staff and her mum in disbelief.

    While Stacey, Lily and Jean Slater were aware, other relatives were left in the dark – including Lily's step-dad Martin.

    During Monday's episode, the police and social services arrived to speak to everybody connected with Lily and shared the shocking news with Martin.

    "Hi Martin, I'm Holly Riley from social services," said the social worker, leaving Martin somewhat confused.

    He responded: "Lily, right, what about her?" before he confirmed to the police he was her stepfather.

    The social worker later asked Martin how he would describe his relationship with the 12-year-old, leaving him even more confused by the interrogation.

    "Would you just tell me what this is about? Lily is a good girl, she wouldn't have done anything wrong," said Martin before the bombshell was dropped.

    "So Miss Slater hasn't told you?" asked the social worker before adding: "Lily is pregnant," before Martin appeared to grin while the news set in.

    He fumed: "No, she's 12!"

    Fans soon took to social media to share their reaction to Martin finding out, with one writing: "Don't really think it’s their place to tell Martin."

    "Oh boy. Martin getting the news about Lily the wrong way – the coppers questioning him," said a second.

    Before a third added: "Martin is losing his rag #EastEnders," said a third.

    A fourth viewer typed: "Martin is totally justified being angry that he wasn't told earlier, don't blame him at all, esp with the police and social workers asking him questions. #Eastenders."

    After the shocking news, Martin confronted his former wife Stacey in a state of rage while storming into their home.

    Martin went on to explain to Stacey that he discovered the news from the police, before sharing his anger after being questioned over his relationship with Lily.

    "Looking at me, like I'm some sort of sick, twisted," before asking why Stacey hadn't informed him of the news after Stacey discovered the news days beforehand.

    However, Lily later vanished from Albert Square as the teen panicked about her news.

    But Martin saw red as Stacey appeared to suggest Lily may be keeping her child, fuming: "She's ain't going to keep it, Stace, she should be playing with dolls, not having a baby!"

    Shocked by his response, Stacey went on to tell her ex that the decision would ultimately lie with their daughter.

    "She is a child, she's our little girl," he emotionally said, before reuniting with Lily who was found at the local Tube station by Eve.


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