EastEnders fans’ shock at Linda Carter’s massive baby bump

EASTENDERS fans are in shock at the size of Linda Carter’s baby bump and wondering how no-one noticed it.

The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Kellie Bright in the BBC soap – is secretly pregnant with Max Branning’s baby.

However tonight she revealed her bump to husband Mick and viewers – and it is huge.

And in effort to continue keeping her secret, she agreed to a workout with daughter Nancy.

She dressed for it in a huge hoody to try and disguise her bump – and insisted on wearing it while cycling.

But hiding her growing discomfort Linda carried on cycling.

Sweating, she insisted on keeping her hoody on in an attempt to hide her bump.

And as she cycled she became more and more exhausted before getting off.

As Nancy began speaking to her, Linda became woozy and collapsed to the floor.

“Mum, mum, can you hear me?” Nancy asked her collapsed and unconscious mother.

However, with Linda’s frankly giant baby bump out for all to see – viewers don’t understand how Nancy missed it.

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