EastEnders fans praise ‘uncomfortable but important’ rape debate episode

EastEnders viewers flocked to Twitter this evening to praise tonight’s episode, which they branded "uncomfortable but important".

Tonight, the episode was centred in the Queen Vic as the residents discussed the subject of rape and consent.

The debate was sparked over the Walford Gazette’s front page, which reported on two men being charged with rape.

Ruby Allen’s name wasn’t mentioned in the article, but was left struggling as she overheard the conversations going on around her.

The debates between the residents became heated, with some suggesting that the woman should have been more careful.

While others, such as Denise Fox, were vehement that no blame should be placed with the victim and that "rape is rape".

Viewers flocked to Twitter to praise the powerful scenes.

One tweeted: "Gotta give credit where it’s due #Eastenders covering every opinion and angle on the #rapedebate Uncomfortable to hear but so relevant and true."

While another commented: "Well done to #EastEnders for actually having the gall to bring all these issues into primetime discussion, when so many are afraid to talk about it. It’s not just a storyline, they’re actually having a full on half hour debate…"

A third remarked: "Tonight’s #EastEnders is SO IMPORTANT."

*EastEnders airs returns tomorrow at 8pm on BBC One

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