EastEnders fans fear Lola Pearce is in danger after boyfriend Isaac Baptiste lashes out at her on dinner date

EASTENDERS fans fear Lola Pearce is in danger after boyfriend Isaac Baptiste lashed out at her over dinner last night.

As fans of the BBC soap will know the teacher (played by Stevie Basaula) has stopped taking his schizophrenia medication and has been acting out of character ever since.

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Over the past few weeks Lola has picked up on his odd behaviour and yesterday he decided to order 10 burgers off the Walford East menu.

To make matter worse Isaac has also started bringing up his dead brother Paul in a lot of their conversations.

When the burgers arrived at the table Lola commented on how he won't be able to eat them all and that he would need a "doggy sack" to take them home in.

But Isaac didn't see the funny side of things.

He snapped back: "Will you get off my back please."

Lola got up from her chair to leave and he soon changed his mind as he said: "Ahhhhhh don't go, don't go…"

He added: "I’m sorry okay, I’m sorry I snapped at you, I just wanted everything to be special," he then told her.

"I know I’ve been busy and I've been neglecting you. I swear I smile just thinking about seeing your face."

"I just worry about you, that's all," Lola replied.

Fans flocked to Twitter to share their concerns over Lola's safety.

One wrote: "@bbceastenders get Lola away from that weirdo Isaac! #EastEnders They've got NO chemistry! She's in danger!!

Another said: "She looked scared of isaac during the date so how can she trust him with lexi and the kids? #EastEnders."

A third added: "Isaac shouldn’t have stopped taking his medication it’s only a matter of time before he flips out #EastEnders."

Meanwhile other viewers were left thrilled when Bobby Beale kissed Dana Monroe after months of strict Covid rules.

The student made his move on his potential girlfriend-to-be and admitted that he's never been intimate with someone before.

Dana wasn't put off by his revelation and explained that she has wanted to wait for the right person.

The lovebirds couldn't contain their feelings for one another and shared a cheeky snog – and fans were over the moon they could FINALLY do it.

The actors and actresses of the hit show have had to keep contact to a minimum over the past year due to the ongoing pandemic.

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