EastEnders fans fear Amy Mitchell could relapse as chaos erupts at home

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    EastEnders fans are worried Amy Mitchell is set for a major relapse after some chaotic family drama on tonight’s episode (April 18).

    The youngster was a pivotal part of shocking new secrets that were revealed this evening ad Denise finally revealed her affair with Ravi to Jack.

    In earlier scenes Amy told Denise that she knew about the affair, and when Denise discovered Amy was drinking again, she felt compelled to tell Jack that the reason she was turning back to booze was because of her.

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    As a massive fight then ensued between Jack and Ravi, with Nugget blaming Amy for his dad now potentially going to prison, fans believe she is set to go on a downward spiral

    “I’m worried about Amy, and if she does something that goes too far,” said one viewer.

    “Amy's gonna relapse after that comment isn't she?,” said a second, as a third added: “Well this is Amy well and truly on the path to being an addict or worse, killing herself #EastEnders.”

    Denise downplayed her actions as she told Jack what had been going on with Ravi, but he soon realized the true extent of her deceit and furiously stormed through the Square to confront Ravi.

    All hell broke loose.

    Nish quickly interjected and stood up for Ravi, demanding that Jack leave.

    Outside Walford East, a fight ensued as Ravi taunted Jack.

    Denise tried to console a devastated Ricky before she learned of the fight and rushed out to intervene.

    Back at home, Denise pleaded with Jack to forgive her as she declared her love for him, but he demanded she leave.

    She retreated to Kim's feeling more isolated and heartbroken than ever.

    Ravi arrived to see Chelsea and attempted to make amends, but Chelsea ordered him out of her life, feeling betrayed that she was initially used as a pawn in his plot to blackmail her mum.

    After Nugget learned that Amy spilled the beans, he took solace at No.41, where Ravi later arrived to collect him and apologize to Nish.

    Nish and Suki explained that Nugget should stay with them, which Ravi accepted, before Nish hit him in front of a horrified Suki for embarrassing their family.

    EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 7.30pm

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