EastEnders fans baffled by Vincent Hubbard's exit and are left desperate to know if he's dead or alive

The character – played by Richard Blackwood – was hoodwinked into getting into a car with fake cop DI Alsworth without telling wife Kim what was going on.

As the car screeched out of Albert Square at high speed, Phil Mitchell watched on ominously before speaking into his phone and saying: "Nothing too strong, just scare him, yeah?"

But as the car came to a halt, the DI pulled a gun on Vincent sitting in the back, and he realised he'd been had by gangster Aidan McGuire.

Pleading with DI Alsworth that he wasn't going to grass Phil of Aidan up to the police after all, having had a heart to heart with his wife before leaving the house, Vincent eventually appeared to accept his fate as the gun remained on him.

Rubbing his face, he kissed his teeth and gave his potential killer a knowing nod before the screen went black and the show's famous 'duff duff's' began.

The cliffhanger left viewers stunned and with no idea what was happening.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote alongside a gif of a shocked Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City: "NO #EastEnders WHY DID YOU END IT THERE?! I AM SPEECHLESS".

Another added: "My heart was beating so fast for him. It went to a black screen" while a third tweeted: "That ending was mad weird, LOL".

However other viewers were just completely perplexed by what they had seen.

One wrote: "What? I didn't quite get the end there? #eastenders" while another added: "EastEnders has left me confused, wtf is going on".

A third simply wrote: "I hope Vincent isn't dead."

Richard, who has played the role for three years, told the Radio Times he was happy with his exit scenes.

He said: "I think it’s left to be open.

"I’m cool with whichever way they want to play it. I like that it’s played that you just don’t know.

"The audience have to make up their own mind. I like that."

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