Eamonn Holmes says ITV ‘left him’ but he doesn’t care as GB News ratings spike

Eamonn Holmes has given his fans assurance that he's happy than ever despite his ITV snub.

The telly presenter recently left This Morning after 15 years as a regular host alongside wife Ruth Langsford and joined GB News as a breakfast show host.

The 62-year-old said he still doesn’t know what went wrong at ITV and if it was because of an on-screen conversation he had about 5G phone masts and possible linked to covid, then he hasn’t been informed.

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He said: “If that was the case, at least that would be a reason.

“I have never had any communication with Dame Carolyn McCall (ITV boss).

“And I still stand by those remarks because not once did I say that 5G spread coronavirus. I said that as reporters, we should always question the narrative.

“And that has never been more obvious than under the number 10 regime that has existed from then and beyond.”

He said it is “lies” that he quit to move to GB News.

“I didn’t – they left me. Let’s get it straight. They left me. Do I care? No, I don’t care because our audience is only up,” he said.

He said Ruth is now “phenomenally successful” as a fashion designer for QVC. She is the “second highest selling clothing brand on QVC internationally”.

And his back is better after getting steroid injections to help with the pain.

He said: “I was scheduled for emergency surgery, but in the operating theatre, the surgeon thought again, and he said, ‘No, I’m not going to do this.’

“Instead they inject you with steroids, put these very long needles into your spine.

“So the problem hasn’t gone away, and surgery hasn’t been ruled out, but the steroids mean that you can’t feel the problem any more.

“I’m walking about better than I’ve been in ages. I’m not using a crutch or a stick. And I genuinely feel good.”

He added of his new cooking show: “I was at my worst when we made Farm to Feast last summer and I had crutches and every time there was a shot featuring me, I threw them aside, but I couldn’t balance when I recorded that series. You wouldn’t know looking at it. I just soldier through.

“There’s a bit of Countryfile in it, there’s the cooking, the rivalry, and what was absolutely beautiful for me was the seven contestants and me – we were all strangers. And we came together on that programme and we have remained friends and we have our WhatsApp group and we go to each other’s houses.

“I mean, it’s brilliant having friends who are cooks.”

And he said he find his native Belfast calling him more nowadays.

“I suppose the older I get, the more I want to be home (in Belfast) and it just has a calling to me,” Eamonn said.

“But having said that I’ve got too much to do. I’ve got to be where the work is.

“I’ve got my steroid injections and I’m still going. I haven’t slept in yet, with the half two alarm call, so… life’s not bad.”

  • Farm to Feast: Best Menu Wins, BBC1, Saturdays, 11.30am (MUST)


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