Eamonn Holmes hits out at GB News guest over vaccine refusal ‘Delays cancer treatments!’

Eamonn Holmes debuts as GB News breakfast presenter

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Eamonn Holmes was joined by Jo-Anne Nadler and Polly MacKenzie on his Tuesday Breakfast show with Isabel Webster as the trio discussed the day’s front pages. However, as the “practicality” of booster vaccines was discussed, Eamonn pointed out why he felt further vaccines could help an overwhelmed NHS. 

Jo-Anne pointed out the argument put forward by one of the scientists behind the AstraZeneca vaccine that it’s “not practical” to produce booster vaccines indefinitely for the entire world population. 

The former This Morning presenter argued the capacity issues within the NHS could be eased by an increase in vaccination uptake.

“I don’t think there are enough government minsters standing up and saying, ‘Do you not realise that by not getting your vaccinations or following procedures there are people who can’t get their cancer scans, their hip replacements?’” Eamonn asked.

“I think it’s an overwhelming message across the board from ministers,” Jo-Anne replied.

“Why aren’t people listening to it?” Eamonn questioned and she hit back: “I think people are.”

“Not according to the capacity within NHS they’re not,” he argued. “These things are being put on hold all the time.”

Jo-Anne remarked: “Sorry I think we might be talking at cross purposes.”

“I’m saying if you’ve got Covid, if you’re not vaccinated, if you’re not using your mask then hospital staff can’t do the day to day operations that they’re supposed to do,” Eamonn explained.

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