'DUDE!' That Time Don Cheadle Scolded Mark Ruffalo for Spoiling 'Avengers: Infinity War' Ending

“Am I in trouble?” a concerned Ruffalo asks his stunned co-star in this epic spoiler fail from last summer.

OK, now we understand why the "Avengers: Infinity War" cast unanimously agreed that Mark Ruffalo was the absolute worst at keeping secrets during their "Jimmy Kimmel Live" takeover.

A "Good Morning America" interview from last summer has resurfaced, showing the Hulk actor blatantly spoiling the end of the blockbuster last July — nine months before it hit theaters!

(Needless to say — but we’re saying it anyway — you should scram if you haven’t seen the movie yet)

"Wait until you see this next one, everybody dies," Ruffalo said at the D23 Expo while seated alongside co-star Don Cheadle (War Machine), who looked simultaneously stunned and pissed off.

"Dude!" Cheadle exclaimed, and the conversation that followed was as hilarious as it was cringeworthy.

RUFFALO: Not everybody. Is that… Can we rewind that part"

CHEADLE: Yeah, you’ll cut that part, right?

RUFFALO: Am I in trouble?

CHEADLE: A little.

RUFFALO: Is Barry going to be mad at me?

CHEADLE: Dude, I would just move on.

RUFFALO: I get impulsive sometimes.

What makes this interview even funnier is the simple fact that Cheadle warned Ruffalo not to give away too much just seconds before he let the cat out of the bag.

"Can I just give them a little taste?" Ruffalo asked Cheadle, who responded with, "I wouldn’t say too much, but you can say as much as you — I mean, hey, it’s your career."

Clearly, Ruffalo’s good grace with Marvel seems to have survived. But the amount of guilt, embarrassment and shame that filled his face after getting scolded by his co-star is rare to see. It was a spectacular fail, but Marvel can’t hold a grudge against the guy who plays The Hulk, of all characters, for being impulsive, right?

So, yeah, a bunch of Avengers died. However, everyone kind of expected that (or should have) going into this movie about superheroes teaming up to take on their most powerful foe yet. Also, it’s Marvel and half the characters that died have sequels in the pipeline, so they’re not really dead. Some time travel, Infinity Stones, superpowers, something or other, yada yada, whatever, etc. in "Avengers 4" should take care of those heroes that crumbled before our eyes at the snap of Thanos’ fingers.

And no, "GMA" did not rewind or cut this footage. Enjoy the exchange below in all its glory.

Uh oh, @DonCheadle, is @MarkRuffalo going to get in trouble with @MarvelStudios now!? #InfinityWar #D23expo pic.twitter.com/WR5C1QCBTb

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