Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son Leland ‘devastated’ over pup’s leg amputation and blames himself for accident, wife claims – The Sun

DOG the Bounty Hunter's son Leland Chapman is "devastated" over his pup's leg amputation.

Leland's wife Jamie shared a message to her followers on Instagram, explaining that Leland blames himself for the accident.

The text image began with Jamie stating she was "so moved by everyone's stories about their pets!"

She wrote: "You guys have really uplifted my spirits in this time with each story you have shared.

"I don't know how to say thank you enough!

"It really puts in perspective how you can feel alone in a situation, but truly not be when there are so many people on this earth who have went through something similar & can relate to the feelings & struggles!"

The post continued: "My husband is so devastated, but I've been reminding him that even if he didn't throw the ball he still would have ran after the other dogs wanting to play & could have easily done it then."

Jamie wrote that she shared all of the pet stories from her followers and "could tell in his eyes, the same uplifting feeling I felt by all of you, he was feeling it too!"

The wife added that the support from her followers has inspired her to make an Instagram account that follows Kona's recovery journey.

She explained: "If anything you all have taught me yesterday is if I can make someone feel uplifted the same way you have done for us during this time. I'd really love to pay it forward and do it for someone else who may end up in a similar situation!"

The post concluded with Jamie asking her followers to leave their reactions to the new Instagram account in the comments section.

How many kids does Dog the Bounty Hunter have and what are their names?

The reality television star has been married five times and is a father to 12 children.

His first child, Christopher Michael Hecht, was born after Duane's teenage relationship with a woman named Debbie White.

Dog has two children- Duane Lee Chapman, II and Leland Blane Chapman- with his first ex-wife, La Fonda Sue Darnell.

With second ex-wife Ann Tegnell, Dog welcomed three children- Zebadiah Chapman was born on January 1st 1980 and tragically died 30 days later on January 31st.

They went on to welcome two further sons – Wesley Chapman and James Robert Chapman.

With third ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain (née Greene), he welcomed his first daughter Barbara Katie Chapman in 1982, who passed away on May 19, 2006 from a car crash.

They share two further children, son Tucker Dee Chapman and Lyssa Rae Chapman.

Dog also welcomed two more children- Bonnie Joanne Chapman and Garry Chapman with late wife Beth.

He then became the adopted father of Cecily Barmore-Chapman, whom was Beth's daughter by her ex-husband.


Jamie previously gave an update about Kona and explained how he injured himself in an Instagram post on June 24.

After sharing that Kona came home on the day of the late June post, Jamie explained that she and Leland originally believed that the dog sprained his leg.

The Dog the Bounty Hunter star and wife chose to give Kona a break when they noticed him limping and then slowly started playing with him again.

Kona later broke his leg while playing fetch with Leland.

The pup eventually had to have his leg amputated after his "radical nerve" was damaged, which "makes them move their paw when walking."

Leland is currently reconnecting with Dog- whose real name is Duane Chapman- after the father had a falling out with his children after moving in with now ex-girlfriend Moon Angell months after his wife Beth died of cancer in June 2019.

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