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Rumours surrounding Jodie Whittaker’s departure from the BBC series have been spreading over the past weeks, with guesses on who should come in to replace her including the likes of Kris Marshall, Michaela Coel, Richard Ayoade and Michael Sheen. However a new theory suggests the Fourteenth Doctor has already been  unveiled in the form of Jo Martin’s character the Fugitive Doctor.

After three seasons, Jodie’s tenure as the Thirteenth Doctor might be coming to an end, and Jo’s character is already set up to take over. 

When viewers last met the Fugitive Doctor she was living on Earth as Ruth, after burying her memories of Gallifrey. 

It was revealed she was in fact a previously unknown regeneration of the Doctor themselves. 

This twist came just before another huge reveal: the Doctor isn’t a Time Lord but the Timeless Child, an ancient being who became the basis for the Time Lords. 

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There is still time for the Thirteenth Doctor to explore the implications of this reveal, in her upcoming and possibly final season. 

But more time will be needed to explore all the consequences of the Timeless Child. 

This opens up many possibilities for Jo’s Doctor to take over this storyline that has not yet been resolved. 

Luckily, Ruth doesn’t know how many memories have been hidden from her or where she originally came from, making a regeneration much easier. 

At this point it is still unclear where Jo’s Doctor fits into the timeline. 

When she first appeared in the series 12 episode Fugitive of the Judoon, it was suggested she was from Thirteen’s past.

She worked for Gallifrey, which is currently destroyed, and she didn’t recognise the sonic screwdriver. 

With Thirteen still working through the ramifications of the Timeless Child, her upcoming regeneration could reuse Jo’s face to reflect her exploration of the mystery surrounding her past. 

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In this case, Jo could continue her performance as both the Fugitive Doctor and a separate but identical Fourteenth Doctor.

It is however still possible that the Fugitive Doctor is from Thirteen’s future. 

Her TARDIS is stuck as a police box, an event that happened in William Hartnell’s tenure as the Doctor. 

Thirteen was therefore meeting a future self in the Fugitive and it could be her very next regeneration. 

If the Doctor is going to be recast now, Jo continuing her role would be the best option.

In the meantime though, the bookies’ odds are on other actors. Kris Marshall and Michaela Coel currently lead the race, with Richard Ayoade and Michael Sheen following close by. 

Jo is currently sixth, with odds of 16/1. Jodie’s departure from the science fiction show has not been confirmed yet, with the BBC refusing to comment on any speculation. 

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later in the year.

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