Death in Paradise’s Tobi Bakare admits he ‘would have stayed’ in series because of co-star

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Tobi, 33, played JP Hooper in the hit BBC crime series, Death in Paradise. His character recently said goodbye to the exotic Saint Marie in series 10, and he has now permanently left the show. Although it was confirmed the character would be making an exit before the episode aired, Tobi recently reflected on his decision to leave and told co-star Tahj Miles, who plays officer Marlon Pryce, that he would have stayed “another year” because of him.

The two worked together throughout series 10, and the actors knew each other from before.

Their characters faced a rocky start because Marlon had a criminal history, but it was decided he would join the police force as he made an effort to turn his life around.

JP was initially disgruntled by Marlon joining the team, but the two ended up putting their differences aside towards the end of the series.

Off-screen, the duo are much closer, and in a recent conversation, Tobi confessed he would like to have stayed on the show for Tahj.

Discussing their time on Death in Paradise in Tahj Miles’ YouTube series The Table Read, Tobi opened up to his friend about being able to work alongside him.

“It was great, man,” he commented. “I can’t lie to you, I really enjoyed working with you.”

The actor went on: “You know, I knew I was going to leave Death in Paradise before I left, which is well-documented online.

“But I would have stayed another year because of you.”

Tahj looked touched as he asked: “Really?” to which Tobi replied: “You were the one that created the conflict in between me leaving.”

“Wow,” a surprised Tahj responded, clearly moved by the impact he had on his pal.

The detective star continued: “Because we found the flow. Do you know what I mean?

“I was like, ‘Ah, I’m going to mess it up by leaving,’ but I was like, ‘Nah, I’ve got to go.'”

“I feel like, for one season, there was a beginning, middle and end,” Tahj added.

“It felt like it was fully fleshed out. Obviously, it could have expanded but I feel like what we had in that one season – it wasn’t even a full season.

“I came in episode two – so yeah, but I feel like it was good.”

Tobi joked: “What Tahj is basically saying is that I left at the right time and that he doesn’t need me no more.”

“Yeah,” the actor agreed, laughing, before adding: “But no, that series 10…

“11 was great as well, but I remember series 10, those little moments here and there just made it a really special season.

“It was really, really fun.” He turned to Tobi and revealed: “You are missed.”

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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