David Blaine Actually Sewed His Mouth Shut on 'The Tonight Show'

Magician David Blaine is known for his totally-out-there magic tricks, but on Wednesday night’s Tonight Show, he may have outdone himself—at least at grossing everyone out. In his latest trick, Blaine sewed his lips together on national television. And it’s quality viewing for anyone who wants horrible nightmares for the rest of the week.

Blaine performed the trick in front of an instantly terrified Jimmy Fallon, guest Priyanka Chopra, and two members of The Roots. He took a needle and thread and poked through his skin, sewing his lips together. (Or did he? Maybe it’s all an illusion?) Fallon even had to pull the thread through Blaine’s face and tie it in a knot.

Chopra, who was freaking out as much as the rest of us, had to film the entire thing on Fallon’s smartphone. “Guys, there’s blood on [the thread] and everything,” she said. “This is some Game of Thrones stuff.” Questlove ended up hiding behind the rest of the backing band.

But that wasn’t enough. Blaine then performed a card trick without speaking, you know, because his lips were sewn shut. He ripped a card, and had Fallon take a corner of it. Then he threw the deck of cards in the air, had the thread cut, and then had the rest of that card in his mouth the whole time.

And then, later on, he seemingly regurgitated a frog, and then swallowed it again. You know, for no reason! Just for fun! Questlove literally walked out of the studio at that point, which is understandable and justified. The trick was simultaneously incredibly impressive and too gross to handle. Perhaps Questlove put it best on Twitter:

This was me all day on @FallonTonight when #DavidBlaine came on show ? pic.twitter.com/XNyBHNUFdW

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