Dave Myers ‘not too well’ as The Hairy Bikers co-star Si King gives health update

Hairy Biker Si King reveals Dave Myers is 'not well' with Covid

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The Hairy Bikers were expected to make a joint appearance The One Show to talk about their series Go North. However, Si King revealed Dave Myers had Covid and while it wasn’t bad, he was “not too well”. Si’s solo appearance left host Rylan Clark disappointed as they set their best wishes to the chef.

“Si, no Dave? Is he alright?” Rylan asked.

Si replied: “He has Covid. He’s getting there. I think he’s not too well but t’s bad.

“It’s very odd to be here without him. It’s a bit odd.

“He’s behind the sofa isn’t he? He’s having a laugh.”

“You know what the new series is great,” Rylan moved the interview along.

“We’re used to seeing you guys go abroad all the time, what made you go, ‘You know what home turf?’”

Si explained: “Well we hadn’t filmed at home for 10 years,” with Rylan exclaiming: “Has it been that long?”

The Hairy Biker continued: “Yeah and actually we decided to do it prior to Covid so it was a choice already made and we wanted to do this love letter to the north.

“It’s kind of retrospective and we were give time in the schedule just to chat on and talk about the food and people and landscapes that had defined us as people really.”

Asked why they were more personal in the new series, Si said: “We just wanted to open up a little and just have the craic.

“You know what Dave and I are like, we can talk the hind leg off a donkey. It was just nice to do and a lovely show to do with the people we know and love and the food we grew up with.”

A few years ago, it was Dave who was supporting Si when he was rushed to hospital.

Si had headaches which gradually worsened leading to the chef’s decision to go and get checked out.

He was told he had a brain aneurysm and if he’d not gone to hospital would likely “be dead”.

Si said of the health shock: “It’s an incredibly scary thing. More people die from this type of thing than survive.

“I’m an incredibly lucky man to even be here today to talk about it. I can’t thank the doctors and nurses enough.

“It’s not just the, ‘Am I going to die here?’ thing.

“It’s the knowledge that even if you don’t die, you can be left with damage to the brain.”

The pair are back on screens with their new series Go North which sees them explore their beloved hometowns and the surrounding area.

The Hairy Bikers Go North continues Thursday on BBC Two at 8pm.

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