Daily Picks M Magazine May 5 – Wednesday

You can’t Ask That: Alcoholics



9pm, ABC

Given that the topic of tonight’s truthfest is the legal drug responsible for so much crime and heartache in this country, it might seem wrong that there are funny bits. Some of the recovering alcoholics even get the giggles hearing about each other’s rock bottoms. And then there are other anecdotes that expose the dark side of Australia’s drinking culture. The brave people sharing their stories here include former Channel Seven newsreader, Talitha Cummins.

Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation



7.30pm, Nine and 9Now

Enjoy Shaun Micallef’s word play and joke ads on Mad as Hell, but can’t stomach the political stuff? Then this breezy inter-generational celebrity trivia lark is for you. Micallef is up to all his old tricks, lurching from silly segue to satirical aside and don’t Generations X, Y and Z love it? The questions are super easy; the parlour games a riot. Tonight’s guests are Arj Barker, Sophie Monk and AFLW’s Tayla Harris.

Morven Christie is the complex DS Lisa Armstrong in The Bay.



9pm, Seven

Grantchester’s Morven Christie is DS Lisa Armstrong, the no-nonsense detective who prioritises her job over her family in this gritty UK crime drama. The crime is nasty and the mystery compelling; the stakes high enough to inject a sense of urgency into even the slightest encounter. Jonas Armstrong, from BBC-Netflix drama, Troy: Fall of a City, manages to be devilishly seductive with flashes of pathetic, as Armstrong’s lover and prime suspect.

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