CSI Vegas won’t air next week as CBS confirms delay

CSI: Vegas trailer from CBS stars Paula Newsome

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CSI Vegas fans will have to wait to uncover the source of the mysterious ink notes which have left the skilled team of forensics baffled for over a month. As a result of a scheduling shake-up the CBS drama will go on a brief hiatus. 

The team of criminalists were a step closer to ending the major silver ink note mystery, however, they failed to pin the letters on Dr Diane Auerbach (played by Kathleen Wilhoite).

Although fans are also eager to find the perpetrator, viewers will have to prepare for an unexpected delay. 

CBS has revealed the next episode of CSI Vegas will not air next week but instead premiere the following week, on Thursday, March 2.

Thankfully for fans, the network released a synopsis which revealed things could take a dark turn for Maxine ‘Max’ Roby (Paula Newsome).

It reads: “A silver ink note threatening Maxine Roby’s life is found at the crime lab, sending the entire CSI team to crack who is behind the notes and how they connect to other murder cases.” 

Despite successfully closing other key investigations, the team have been left in a shroud of mystery since the end of season one. 

Max then found more of the cryptic notes during the season two episode, Trinket. 

After showing her colleagues, Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria) and Allie Rajan (Mandeep Dhillon) admitted they recognised the notes from previous crime scenes.  

The messages were difficult for the team to de-code as they were written in symbols. 

During the episode titled Boned, Max and Penny Gill (Sarah Gilman) found another note in the car of a man who was shot. 

The team discovered the victim was shot in self-defence by a homeowner, Molly Tate (Emily Althaus), who had the same scar as some of the show’s previous victims. 

When quizzed about the death, Molly acted erratically when they revealed her situation was linked to another silver ink note. 

As Molly refused to admit she was being pressured to kill, Max and Penny were back to square one. 

With Max the new target of the ink case, the lead investigator will have to continue working tirelessly to ensure she doesn’t become the next victim. 

The synopsis also provided a major clue because it revealed the note was discovered in the crime lab, could one of her colleagues be behind the gripping mystery?

As for the future of the storyline, fans may see the ink note case take on a new and unexpected direction.

Fans can be certain, the case won’t be coming to an end anytime soon.

Speaking to TV Insider, Chris Park’s Jay Lee teased: “I can’t say much, but I will say that the Silver Ink mystery will continue to unravel throughout the rest of the season.”

CSI: Vegas season 2 returns to CBS on Thursday, March 2 in the USA.

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