The Crystal Maze contestant proves that vegetables are overrated

For anyone dreaming of one day going on the Channel 4 gameshow The Crystal Maze, they may be delighted to learn that a healthy diet isn’t entirely necessary (although we don’t advise you suddenly start binging on junk food).

At the beginning of this week’s episode, London engineer Michael Wride (the one in the middle, pictured above) admitted to never eating vegetables or fruit, yet that didn’t stop him completing a physical task with sickening ease.

Michael was given the seemingly simple task of retrieving a crystal on the other side of a bridge, but once he’d passed over it, it suddenly disappeared.

His reaction was particularly amusing.

To bring the crystal back to safety, he had to slot slats of wood (say that really fast) into the wall to make himself some makeshift steps.

It didn’t seem to be much of a challenge for Michael, who powered through the course – and he didn’t even need the assistance of any greens!

“The health benefits of vegetables are entirely overrated,” stated the show’s presenter Richard Ayoade.

However, some viewers were slightly perturbed by this, claiming that it was encouraging people not to eat vegetables.

We’re pretty sure the show wasn’t saying anything of the sort. It’s just natural to be frustrated with the naturally athletic.

Mind you, we reckon even we could have smashed that task.

The Crystal Maze airs on Sundays on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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