Crucial reason Corrie won’t have a half an hour break tonight

Coronation Street will not include the usual half an hour break in between episode this evening.

This, boss Kate Oates has said, was intentional and crucial for those watching at home tonight.

Heartbreaking scenes will show Weatherfield residents discovering the tragic news of Aidan Connor’s death .

This will include David Platt, who is so struck by Aidan’s death that he tells Shona Ramsay that he was raped. He then goes on to admit that he too had been suffering from suicidal thoughts.

The episode ends on an uplifting note as David vows that he wants to live after fearing he would end up like Aidan.

"It is important that David has the last word," Executive Producer Kate Oates said. "I wanted to make it really clear that the message we were trying to put out there was, ‘If you speak up, if you can find the words, there will always be someone to help you, there are always people to listen and you’ve got nothing to lose’.

"And David’s story just dovetailed with that so perfectly, I think. It was really important for me that these episodes are totally about Aidan and about Shayne Ward’s performance, but it’s really important that Jack Shepherd, as David Platt, gets the last words of that because that’s the message."

She added: "And when we were planning the episode, we asked the network not to give us the half hour break because we want it to be as unbroken an experience as possible.

"Because if somebody leaves halfway through and think, ‘Well I don’t want to watch the rest’, then they’ll miss our message and it was really important that that went out."

Oates also revealed that she had given staff working at Corrie the opportunity to opt out of working on the storyline.

She said: "Obviously, we’re a massive company at Coronation Street and everyone has a very different experience of suicide and for some people working on these episodes it’s really tough and we wanted to pay attention to that so we wrote to everybody saying, ‘You don’t need to work on these episodes if you don’t want to."

If you need to speak to someone you can call the Samaritans’ 24-hour confidential helpline on 116 123.

*Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV

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