Corrie’s Johnny Connor spends night with another woman as he struggles to cope

Johnny Connor will spend the night with another woman as he struggles to come to terms with his son’s death.

Viewers have been shocked by Aidan’s sudden suicide and his father, Johnny, feels no different as he tries to cope with what has happened.

He first goes to Aidan’s flat to try and work out a motive for what has happened, but suffers a huge panic attack as he is confronted with his son’s home.

Later Johnny reads a letter addressed to him, which simply reads: "I’m sorry, Aidan."

He is utterly devastated about this and eventually, after trying to hold it together, cracks and heads to the home of Liz McDonald.

Liz invites him into the back room at the Rovers Return where he broke down, and admitted his wife Jenny was getting madly on his nerves and he felt like he failed his own son.

Is Corrie right to tackle the issue of male suicide?


Johnny starts to weep and Liz embraces him, before heading home to speak to Jenny.

On arriving Jenny mentions that young Summer is organising a campaign surrounding Aidan’s suicide and suggests perhaps Johnny should see a doctor.

He suddenly becomes utterly enraged and hurtles a glass at the wall. screaming and shouting until Jenny accuses him of wallowing in grief as an angry response.

Johnny storms out and returns to Liz, but luckily he only sleeps on the sofa.

He sees Summer’s fundraiser and is overcome with emotion, going back to Jenny to apologise for pushing her away.

Jenny tells him she loves him but asks where he spent the night.

Will he admit the truth?

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