Corrie star warns Daisy will never be the same again after what Justin does next

Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) has been living life in fear ever since her stalker reared his sinister head in Coronation Street.

Justin (Andrew Still) first met Daisy in hospital, while visiting his critically ill mother, and instantly became obsessed with her.

He went on to use her social media to track her down, sending her flowers and even visiting her in person.

Though Daisy is a feisty, bubbly character, Justin’s actions are set to wear her down so much that she starts to lose that, according to actress Charlotte Jordan.

‘She is extra, she’s flamboyant, she is camp, she is big and you will slowly see that she starts to crumble and get smaller and smaller, and I don’t think really she’ll ever be the same again.’

Things take a step up when Daisy spots Justin on Coronation Street holding a bunch of flowers, which she assumes are for her.

‘She sees Justin with this bouquet of flowers – which is very triggering to her because that’s how this whole thing began, with a bunch of flowers’, Charlotte added.

‘She sees red because she feels so isolated – no one’s understanding, no one’s helping – and she just thinks “I’ll take this into my own hands and tell this guy to sod off for good.” And it escalates very quickly because she’s already in a very heightened state.’

Daisy ends up punching Justin after he crosses a line by touching her arm.

‘She’s not a violent person, she’s never been in that sort of altercation’, Charlotte explained.

‘Daisy is cutting with her words, she’s not cutting physically. It’s not her just lashing out. It’s self defence.

‘Me and Andrew [Still, who plays Justin] were very particular on this – this is the first time Justin has touched Daisy and that’s really crossing yet another line for her.

‘Even though she feels powerless and she’s got no control over the situation she can control who touches her in person. That’s the only thing she feels like she’s got any shred of control over.’

Support for victims of stalking

Saskia Garner, Head of Policy and Campaigns at the Suzy Lamplugh Trust would advise anyone who is triggered by watching these episodes or who relates to it or thinks of someone they know who is experiencing similar behaviours to encourage them to come forward to get support.

‘Our helpline is 0808 802 0300 or you can access support through our website and also just to keep a log of any incidents.

‘Just keep a track if you’re receiving unwanted messages or a person’s turning up at your place of work or you’ve spotted them somewhere or whatever it is just keep a secure log of those incidents so if you want to report that you’re already demonstrating that pattern of behaviour and that can really help to get you the support you need.’

Daisy had already spoken to police about the situation, who had insisted there was nothing they could do.

As if to rub salt into the wound, Justin makes a complaint against Daisy, which they act on straight away.

‘This is the main thing that makes her feel even more isolated and even more alone because she’s been going to the police saying “can you please help me?” and they’ve been chucking everything back on her going “he hasn’t actually committed a crime so just keep a note and come back to us,” which is ridiculous.

‘Even though she’s been to them I think three times by now, the first time Justin’s called about her and all of a sudden they jump into action, even though they know the history and they know what’s been going on. So she just feels totally isolated.’

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