Corrie rapist Josh finally arrested by police – but he could still walk free

Coronation Street villain Josh Tucker may finally get his comeuppance after being arrested by police.

The nasty personal trainer has so far escaped punishment for drugging and raping David Platt.

Devastated David has struggled to come to terms with the attack, hiding his ordeal from his family and friends while dealing with feelings of shame and guilt.

But it seems evil psychopath Josh will be made to squirm after he’s taken in by the police for questioning.

In pictures from the Corrie set, Ryan Clayton’s character can be seen talking to officers before getting into a police car.

While it seems this is the the moment that Josh’s actions catch up with him, there could be some concern for soap fans.

Cocky Josh doesn’t seem too worried as he casually strolls over to the officers.

Will the charming mechanic be able to deceive the police and escape justice?

The fragile hairdresser, played by Jack P. Shepherd, has previously toyed with exposing his rapist but has been terrorised by Josh’s mind games.

It is not known whether David himself will tell the authorities, or if former girlfriend Shona Ramsey speaks out after discovering the shocking truth.

Over the last few weeks, Corrie viewers have watched tortured David spiral out of control.

After suddenly dumping Shona with a weak explanation, David quickly moved on to salon trainee Emma.

David slept with the 18-year-old, who was revealed to be just one year above Bethany at school, before moving her into the Platt house.

Things will get much worse for David before they get better as he is set for months in prison.

A warrant is issued for David’s arrest when he misses his court date after his brutal attack on Gary Windass at the boxing fundraiser.

The fragile hairdresser, who hands himself into the authorities, will be jailed because he can’t be trusted not to run away.

Corrie viewers will be left fearing for David as he is forced to deal with prison troubles and his ongoing mental instability in scenes set to air next month.

*Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm

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