Coronation Street’s Shona left rocked by David cheating bombshell

Coronation Street airs a cheating bombshell next week, as Shona Ramsey is told fiancé David Platt has kissed another girl.

David locks lips with Natalie, with the pair working together at the barber shop, amid Shona growing increasingly jealous of her.

But not all is as it seems, as David continues his attempts to keeping Natalie sweet amid fears she will expose his and brother Nick’s secret.

Natalie knows that Nick stole his gran Audrey Roberts’ inheritance money, with David also aware of this and keeping it a secret.

Knowing Natalie could rumble their secret at any time, Nick has encouraged David to keep her on side, spending more time with her.

She uses this, and Shona’s jealousy, to her advantage though, with David even forced to stand his girlfriend up.

While mum Gail encourages him to keep her at arm’s length, Natalie persuades him to stay late and the pair have a drink.

David soon returns home to find Shona has cooked him a romantic meal, and she’s fuming to learn where he’s been all evening.

The next day, Shona asks David out for lunch only for him to cancel on her in favour of training up Natalie.

When she pays him a visit she finds them larking about, leaving her furious but she’s unaware of just what Natalie has planned.

Natalie kisses David once Shona is gone, leaving him stunned and leading to him trying to let her down gently without risking his secret being exposed.

But this backfires when she hears David and Nick discussing their plan, and she decides to go on a date with a police officer leaving them unnerved.

This causes more trouble for the pair though, as officer Andrew drops the bombshell on Shona that David and Natalie kissed – how will she react, and will David convince her of the truth?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm on ITV.

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