Coronation Street's Sarah Platt puts Ryan Connor in hospital with angry outburst

Coronation Street‘s Ryan Connor is rushed to hospital next week after a shock showdown with Sarah Platt turns violent.

Ryan (Ryan Prescott) finds himself in big trouble when Sarah jumps to the conclusion that he’s tried to force himself on Bethany Platt during a date with the vulnerable teenager.

Next week’s episodes see Ryan and Bethany (Lucy Fallon) meet up for a romantic dinner at Michelle’s flat, having agreed to explore a possible spark between them.

When Ryan tries to take things further later on, Bethany freaks out and rushes off as she’s haunted by memories of her horrific grooming ordeal.

By chance, Bethany’s mum Sarah sees her running away and goes straight to confront Ryan over what’s happened. As Ryan angrily brands Bethany a tease, Sarah is disgusted and shoves him before storming out.

Unbeknownst to Sarah, a shocked Ryan stumbles over and hits his head before collapsing. Although Bethany later clarifies to Sarah that she had a panic attack and Ryan did nothing wrong, the damage has already been done as Ryan is found unconscious and rushed to hospital.

Tina O’Brien, who plays Sarah, revealed: “Sarah doesn’t know anything about Bethany’s date with Ryan. So the first thing she sees when she arrives at Victoria Court is Bethany running down the hallway out of the flats with her blouse undone.

“Sarah doesn’t get a chance to ask what’s happened, as Bethany is hysterical. Then the next thing she sees is Ryan coming out of the flat with his top off and Bethany runs off.

“Sarah jumps to the obvious conclusion that Ryan has tried to force himself on Bethany. She doesn’t realise that it was Bethany who panicked and ran off.

“Afterwards, Sarah does go into the flat and confront Ryan about what just happened. He is confused by it all and when he calls Bethany a tease, Sarah sees red, slaps him and shoves him. What she or Ryan don’t realise is that he has hit his head quite badly.”

Tina continued: “Sarah later feels really guilty for overreacting the way that she did, but she has no idea her actions have had such serious consequences.

“The first she knows is when they see Ryan being brought out of Victoria Court on a stretcher. Craig assumes Bethany must have hit him, but she insists she didn’t. Sarah can’t understand how her slapping him could have resulted in those injuries, so she is confused.”

Later in the week, Sarah goes to the hospital and makes a full apology to Ryan, explaining that she’s overprotective because of Bethany’s history with a grooming gang. However, Ryan’s response to Sarah’s confession shocks her…

Tina added: “Sarah is surprised when she gets to the hospital and he shows no sign of remembering what happened. She can’t pretend nothing happened, so she tells him what she did and apologises.

“His reaction shocks her and is not what she expected at all. It is a real game changer for Sarah. She has a big decision to make.”

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