Coronation Street's Jack P Shepherd turns wedding DJ as sister gets married in 20 minute 'Covid wedding'

CORONATION Street's Jack P Shepherd has revealed he was the DJ at his sister's 20-minute "Covid wedding".

The 32-year-old explained how he played Dancing in the Dark by Brunce Springsteen from his phone as his sister walked down the aisle.

"My sister got married so I've been to a Covid wedding," he told the Sofa Cinema Club podcast. "There was 15 people including the bride and groom.

"We all met outside at Leeds Town Hall. We all had to walk in keeping distance, bride and groom had masks on – not when they were doing the vows.

"I got lumbered with being DJ. She said, 'I'm going down the aisle to Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen, you need to play it on your phone'."

The soap actor joked that the "in and out" wedding lasted 20 minutes, and meant there was nobody there that the bride didn't want to invite.

"She came down the aisle, they say a few words, in and out, gone," Jack continued. "There's no buffet. 20 minutes in and out – perfect!

"My sister loved it. Don't forget, it's brilliant because you don't have to invite those people that you don't like… 20 minutes and then you're on the motorway. Done."

Like many weddings this year, the family wore masks for the official photos during the civil service ceremony.

Jack's had plenty of exciting news recently, after it was revealed he'll continue on with Corrie for his 21st year playing David Platt.

A source told The Sun: “Jack might be classed as one of the younger stars but he’s got 20 years under his belt and that nearly puts him in the veterans’ bracket.

“He’s loved by fans young and old and is an important piece of the Corrie jigsaw.”

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