Coronation Street viewers demand Eva Price gets to keep her baby after traumatic labour

After many mocked Eva for getting trapped in a bathroom as her waters broke, the scenes took a dramatic turn once Toyah Battersby broke the door down and joined her.

As Eva pushed her baby out, the newborn failed to cry, and Toyah – who has struck a deal with Eva to raise the baby with Peter Barlow – had to give her mouth to mouth.

Eventually the baby cried out, and Eva sobbed with relief, but once at the hospital, she tried to stay detached from her little girl as Toyah cooed over her.

But once she had gone home, and acted like nothing had happened in front of an unsuspecting Peter, Eva was left alone with the baby.

As she cried, the nurse tried to get her to breastfeed her, but Eva begged her to give the baby a bottle instead, knowing breastfeeding would create a bond.

But the nurse persisted and Eva ended up cradling her daughter, tears rolling down her face as she looked into her eyes.

Viewers could tell Eva is in turmoil over whether she should stick to the deal she had struck with Toyah, who is desperate for a child of her own, and many hoped she would go back on her word.

One wrote on Twitter: "I scream yes when the baby started to cry, there's no way Eva can give up the baby now."

Another tweeted: "LET EVA KEEP HER BABY" while a third added: "I really hope Eva keeps her baby."

A fourth agreed, writing: "Congratulations to Eva or Toyah??? Good on Eva she will keep her baby."

Out of the two women, a great number were leaning towards Eva – played by Catherine Tyldesley – having a happy ever after with her little one.

Another viewer wrote on Twitter: "#Corrie really want Eva to get her happy ending with bubba. Toyah only interested in the baby, doesn't seem to care much about anyone else."

A fellow fan of the show added: "Eva isn't going to want to give her baby girl up now sorry Toyah."

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