Coronation Street theory: Nicky Wheatley to fall pregnant with Peter Barlow’s baby

Coronation Street: Peter Barlow punches his surgeon

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Nicky (played by Kimberley Hart-Simpson) hasn’t had the best time on Coronation Street as her connection to Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) has landed her in hot water. However, in the latest episode of the ITV soap, she developed a bond with his brother, Peter (Chris Gascoyne), as the pair spoke about their problems with each other. Although this seemed to be an innocent conversation, the way the stalwart was standing up for the former sex worker could suggest things are about to get a whole lot steamier between the two of them.

Peter was struggling in Friday’s episode of the weeknight serial drama as his family weren’t supporting him over his vendetta with Dr Henry Thorne (Dominic Mafham).

With his wife, Carla Connor (Alison King) getting frustrated with hearing about the scandalous medical professional, Peter cancelled a lunch date with her as he no longer wanted to spend time with her.

Instead, he accepted a cab fare which came through and the person needed to be collected from the local police station.

It turned out the character in question was Nicky, who had been arrested following an altercation with a man from her days as a sex worker.

Although she wanted to go and seeder mother in the hospital, visiting hours were over so she sat and spoke with the stalwart.

As she spoke about the struggles she was facing over her past as a sex worker, Peter spoke to her about his issues with Dr Thorne.

They both sat and listened and acknowledged the other was hurting from the challenges they were facing, something no one else had managed to give them.

By the end of the conversation, Peter had developed sympathy for Nicky as he knew she needed some support.

Joining his wife in the Rovers Return eventually, the stalwart told Carla about his day and how he wanted to help the former sex worker.

He told Carla: “She handled it badly but it was the bloke, he was totally out of order. And then when it kicks off, the police turn up and it’s Nicky they cart off to the cop shop.”

I think she could do with some support

Peter Barlow

Peter’s wife replied: “At least Nicky’s adventures have given you something other than your own issues to fret about, hey?”

“I haven’t forgotten. No, I’m still angry,” he declared, with Carla adding: “Yes and you’re entirely justified. I don’t want another row about it.”

“You can’t wish it away,” he bit back, with the Underworld Factory boss stating: “I’m not doing that.”

It seemed the husband and wife continued to be at odds and were struggling to move past Dr Thorne ruining their lives.

Daniel then walked into the pub and Peter decided to call him over so they could speak about Nicky and how they could help her with her problems.

The stalwart told his brother: “So I met a mate of yours today, Nicky, and she’s having a really bad time at the moment.

“I was just thinking if you’re still in contact with her, I think she could do with a bit of support,” Peter explained.

Daniel replied: “I don’t think that’s a good idea and it didn’t exactly end well, did it? I don’t think Daisy will be best pleased.”

“Well, she doesn’t rule your life, does she? When a friend needs help, then a friend needs help,” the taxi driver remarked.

Stepping in as the conversation turned heated, Carla told her husband: “Peter, Daniel has got his own set of priorities, alright?”

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“You do what you have to do but when I see a good person being treated badly, I try to help,” Peter told his brother.

“I don’t turn away, I don’t turn my back because it’s a bit awkward,” he added, making his sibling feel incredibly guilty.

It seems Daniel won’t help Nicky given how much trouble she caused between him and his girlfriend, Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Peter could feel he has to support Nicky and with his loved ones not giving him any comfort over Dr Thorne, he could want to spend time with the former sex worker who seems to be the only person who understands him.

As the pair develop a stronger bond, they could catch feelings for one another and in the past, Peter hasn’t been the most loyal person in the world.

Unable to resist temptation and with his own marriage on the line, Peter could decide he is going to sleep with Nicky.

With the pair enjoying nights away together, they could end up sleeping together without protection, leading to life-changing consequences.

Nicky could turn up on the cobbles and tell Peter she is expecting his baby, something the stalwart thought he would never hear again.

Wanting to keep it a secret, he could tell Nicky she has to move away and raise the child by herself as he cannot afford his marriage to break down over his betrayal.

Will Nicky listen to him or will she expose his cheating ways?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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