Coronation Street fans suspicious of Amy’s new love interest as they predict Aaron link

Coronation Street viewers are predicting yet more heartache and pain for struggling Amy Barlow who is played by Elle Mulvaney.

Over recent weeks and months, viewers have watched as Amy has struggled with her mental health after she was raped by Aaron Sandford in harrowing scenes.

She is facing a legal battle following the ordeal as she attempts to get justice for what happened to her on that drunken night.

However as she tries to move on, she tells her pals in the café that she has met a new boy in her university tutorial and his name is Ezra and she is hoping to get to know him more.

Despite her excitement, Corrie viewers at home are predicting that Ezra might not be what he seems suggesting he may have links to Aaron.

Viewers took to social media to share their theories with one saying: "Oh dear. Aaron is on the phone to the guy Amy was texting. Predictable".

Another eagle-eyed viewer shared their theory saying: "This lad texting Amy is going to be one of Aaron's friends ain't he."

As Amy got ready for her date, another viewer worried for the young 19 year old saying: "Amy is going on a date – I hope she isn't going into this too quickly especially after her recent panic attack."

One of Amy's best friends on the street, Summer Spellman, helped her friend get ready for her first date with the new boy by doing her makeup in the flat.

However as the girls got ready, Summer asked if Ezra had any good looking friends that could make a good boyfriend for her, but as a result Amy started to look shifty and worried ahead of her date.

Trying to look out for her pal, Summer pointed out that Amy simply didn't want to go on the date with Amy asking: "What if I'm never ready?"

As she comforts her friend by offering to take her out for lunch, the youngsters decide that a girly night with movies and snacks is a better idea.

When she pops out to go and get the snacks for their upcoming movie night, Amy spots Aaron kissing a girl in Victoria Gardens, leaving her shocked.

Seeing Aaron moving on leaves troubled Amy feeling sick as she talks to pal Aadi about the situation, admitting that it is hard to see Aaron getting on with his life and moving on.

Now in a bid to deal with Aaron moving on, Amy has decided to write about what happened and how it made her feel.

She took to social media to write about what happened saying: "Aaron, the friendly young mechanic with the good hair and the big brown eyes is a rapist.

“I should know. I’m the one he raped. He raped me. Not something I ever thought I would be saying. But that is what he did. It happened.

“It’s the truth, and I need to say the words out loud. If you’d offered me a million pounds, I would never have said he would be that person. That he would do that.”

Amy also explained what the rape did to her in significant detail but she is worried about what will happen to her once Aaron sees what she has done.

Coronation Street continues at 8pm Mon, Wed & Friday on ITV and ITVX.


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