Cliff Richard addresses retirement plans

This Morning: Cliff Richard on retirement

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Sir Cliff Richard is releasing another Christmas album this year titled, Christmas With Cliff. He joined This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Tuesday’s ITV show to discuss his future in music and touched on the strain it has on his voice.

Phillip asked: “You will never retire though, you say that you might stop but you will never retire.”

Addressing whether has any plans of retiring, Sir Cliff replied: “Yeah, I feel that retirement, we have all known artists who retire, they make four or five comebacks.

“And every time I hear someone making a comeback I am thinking, ‘They have run out of money’ so I don’t want anyone to say that about me.

“So I thought if I stop, it means I can stop working for a couple of years and then phone my management and say how about the Albert Hall for a couple of weeks.

“Then I can enjoy myself and meet the fans again, so that is my ideal.”

Holly asked about his upcoming tour next year, to which Cliff admitted: “I am going to tour next year.

“I am only doing about eight shows I think, the days of me going on tour for six months are way behind me.

“It is so terrifying to be on tour for lengths of time because you never know what day you are going to wake up and that [voice] is not going to work.

“So doing eight days, I am pretty confident that I will be able to sing right the way through and not let anybody down.”

Whilst talking to Cliff, Holly and Phillip also touched on the competition the singer has this year going against Stormzy for Christmas number one.

His new album is battling the rapper at the top of the charts to which he laughed and said: “Nothing seemed to be possible in the early days.

“We were written off as one-hit wonders when I was told I had a top-five album, my feet have not touched the ground since.

“Here I am, in the charts with the most popular artist of the decade and I am able to still compete, I don’t know Stormzy at all.

“I was going to say let the best man win but I am not saying it just in case he does win.”

Speaking to Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 about his album, he said: “It’s a fun album and I hope people like it.

“Unusually, I used two producers because I wanted to have a dynamic… and they gave it to me.

“They were fantastic producers – different styles of music but connected because of Christmas.

“The backing tracks were done in LA and I put my voice on in Miami. I found a studio the Bee Gees used to use and I’m a big fan of the Bee Gees so I said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it there’.

“Recording is so much fun, if I could record every day of my life I would. It’s always a challenge because every time you do an album, there is something different about it.”

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