Chucky Premiere Recap: The Killer Doll Claims Season 2's First Victim — Plus, Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?

When we last left Hackensack, Jake, Devon and Lexy narrowly escaped an attack from a literal army of Chucky dolls. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Junior, Ethan and the laundry list of family members who also bit it at the hand of the killer’s stabby hand.

Despite Andy’s best efforts to hijack a truck full of dolls so he could destroy them, Tiffany (the doll version) had other plans in mind. So what became of Andy, where the hell is Kyle and how are the kids processing their trauma and grief? Let’s dive into a recap of Chucky‘s Season 2 premiere and find out.

Season 2 picks up with Andy being held at gunpoint by Tiffany inside the truck of Good Guy dolls he stole. The first second he gets, he distracts her, causing her to shoot through the windshield and drop her gun. He picks it up and clips her in the head, as the army of Chuckys climbs on top of the vehicle. As revenge for them killing Kyle, Andy drives off a cliff to the fiery depths below. (What do you think, Chucky fans? Are Kyle and Andy actually dead or will they pop up down the line somehow? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.)

Jake’s moving in with a new foster family that lives two hours away from Hackensack. He goes to see Devon to say goodbye, and after a long kiss, we jump-cut to six months later in Salem, N.J. It’s Halloween night, and Jake’s foster family won’t let him hop a bus to visit Devon. While taking his new foster brother Gary out trick ‘r treating, he gets a creepy call that sure sounds a lot like Chucky! Devon gets the same call, and when the caller FaceTimes back, we see that the doll is at Lexy’s house… and he’s right outside her bedroom door.

Devon calls the cops and when they bust in, Caroline admits she let “the ghost of Halloween past” in to use the bathroom. Both girls then realize it was most likely Chucky, and ask the police to stick around until their mom returns.

During a family therapy session, the doctor says that all of last season’s killings were done by Junior Wheeler, and Caroline begs her sister to tell the truth. Lexy refuses. “Chucky was only a doll,” she says, clearly lying. The younger sister now suffers from pediophobia, a fear of dolls. (Who can blame her?!) As the therapist introduces her to a new doll named Belle, Caroline is not enthused.

Lexy tells her sister in private that the therapist is whack. They know the truth, and Caroline should never trust a doll. Ever. Lexy gives Caroline a large butcher knife to sleep with and says, “Sweet dreams,” but it sounds way more ominous than it’s probably intended.

Jake sneaks off to Devon’s, and the two boys rush to Lexy’s. They note that Belle looks a little too much like Tiffany, and when they go looking for her, the doll is lying in bed with Caroline. The next morning, Caroline says Belle is OK and isn’t like Chucky at all. Lexy tells Jake and Devon that maybe their initial scare was just a prank. After the murders from last season, they became pretty famous. Maybe the notoriety has gotten them some bad attention.

Oh, yeah. Lexy is addicted to drugs now? Sure.

As she’s off crushing pills in the bathroom, the doorbell rings. It’s Gary holding a Chucky doll, and the doll is holding a bomb. When Jake and Devon come downstairs, Chucky’s on the couch and forces everyone to sit down. Ol’ Chuck says they fell right in his trap. He wanted the three of them to get back together so he could kill them all at once. But he’s waiting for Lexy first before making the bomb go kablooey.

A zonked out Lexy exits the bathroom and heads for the stairs. When Lexy sees Chucky, the doll gets distracted, giving Devon time to tase him in the face. Chucky drops the bomb, causing Gary to grab it and run into the kitchen. Chucky follows and detonates it, killing the little boy.

Later, Lexy’s therapist and a detective send the three teens to a special school so they can learn from their sins. Devon guesses that more than one Chucky doll survived Andy’s van crash, so they all assume and expect that Chucky will come for them again. As the bus pulls up to their new home, they realize it’s the same house that Charles Lee Ray lived in when he was a child. Shortly after, a carrier van pulls up, and the driver has a special Chucky-box-sized package to deliver.

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