Chrissy Teigen returns to social media with daughter Luna, 5, after she's 'cut' from cleaning brand due to 'bullying'

CHRISSY Teigen returned to social media with her daughter Luna, 5, over the weekend after controversial comments she made towards Courtney Stodden surfaced.

After the "bullying," the media personality saw a downfall in her career, including being "cut” from marketing for her new Safely cleaning brand with Kris Jenner.

While Chrissy hasn’t returned to her own accounts since early May, she popped up on her husband John Legend’s Instagram on Saturday night to celebrate their daughter’s big day.

Luna had “her first dance recital,” and the 42-year-old singer honored that big milestone with a sweet solo snap of her in a sparkling red tutu, as well as a family photo.

The family portrait featured Chrissy, 35, sitting with Luna on her lap, holding her tight, with her massive wedding ring on full display, and her mom Pepper sitting right next to them.

The three women smiled for the camera, with the 5-year-old giving the biggest one of them all, looking happy and proud to have had her first big dance event.

John captioned the the shot of the trio: “So proud of our little dancer!”

Though it was the singer’s page and the main focus was on Luna, fans quickly jumped into the comments to debate Chrissy’s return to social media.

Many were happy to see her on their feed, with one fan writing: “Three generations of beauty and grace ❤️”

Another asked of John: “Tell Chrissy to come back! We miss her.”

A third said: “❤️❤️ Nice photo. Also, we miss Chrissy on IG. Being her back pls.”

Others added how “beautiful” she looks and that they’d love to see her come back to her own account to start posting again.

Not everyone was ready to forgive and forget after Courtney, 26, revealed they had suffered “years of bullying” at the hands of the cookbook author.

“No we dont [want her back,” one fan wrote.

A second told the kind commenters to “speak for yourself.”

Another said that Chrissy’s relationship with the fans and the public is not “repairable” because what she did “is not a light situation.”

Courtney – who is nonbinary and prefers "they" pronouns – alleged in a new interview that Chrissy would send horrific tweets and DMs, including comments that appeared to encourage suicide.

Just days before Courtney shared their story, Chrissy had launched a new cleaning brand with Kris, with both of them as founders and spokespeople for the line. 

The two stars were heavily featured in promo for the line since it was announced in March however, since Chrissy was slammed for “bullying” women, Safely has not publicly showed her once.

A source told The Sun: “Kris Jenner has been in crisis mode for weeks with Chrissy’s scandal. 

“She likes Chrissy but she’s a numbers girl first and their sales tanked after all of Chrissy’s tweets came out. 

“It's the worst case scenario for them, they just launched their cleaning brand days before the scandal.”

The insider said that the “company has had to completely change it’s marketing strategy” because their “whole plan was to focus on the homes and families of Kris and Chrissy.” 

Despite the ongoing backlash, she has not been completely dropped from the brand yet as “it’s tricky" since she was “part of creating the company, she's not just a spokesperson,” the source added. 

After the tweets were brought back into the spotlight, Chrissy issued a public apology, but the damage appears to have already been done.

Last month, The Sun exclusively revealed that Chrissy's kitchen items have been removed from Target's website as well as Macy’s and Bloomingdales. 

A few days ago, it was revealed she was "replaced on a Netflix show” Never Have I Ever she was due to appear on.

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