Chris Pratt Quips His Son ‘Doesn’t Like Him as Much’ as Other ‘Infinity War’ Characters

The Star-Lord depicter’s son always mixes Marvel’s superhero characters to create a new character and says, ‘I like Black Panther-Spider-Man,’ in addition to saying that he is more into Rocket than Star-Lord.

At the world premiere for “Avengers: Infinity War” on Monday, April 23, Chris Pratt was seen among actors who attended the event to promote the newest movie in the Marvel franchise. At the event, Pratt answered some questions raised by E! News.

One of the questions was about his son Jack’s thought on him playing Star-Lord in the movie. “For some reason he doesn’t like me as much,” he quipped. “I think he’s just cool,” he added. “But he’s a huge Spider-Man fan. He’s always mixing. He’s like, ‘I like Black Panther-Spider-Man.’ ”

In an interview with USA Today, Pratt also said that his son asserted that he did not like Pratt’s character even when he pressed him. He said, “Jack, I will ask him, who is his favorite superhero? ‘Spider-Man.’ I go, OK, but not counting Spider-Man. ‘Black Panther.’ OK, who’s your favorite Guardian? ‘Rocket.’ He won’t give it to me.”

Also joining the interview was Chris Hemsworth, who shared about his children’s thought on his character Thor. “One of my sons, in particular, loves [Thor], but he flat-out with no hesitation says, ‘Wonder Woman‘s stronger,’ ” said Hemsworth. “He’s like, ‘Dad, you’re my second favorite.’ ”

Talking about the details of the movie, Pratt shared about the relation between his character and Hemsworth’s Thor. “We mined for comedy in the idea that (Star-Lord is) a little intimidated by him and jealous of him,” said Pratt. “Drax and Gamora and the whole Guardians team, when we encounter Thor, they’re all just astounded by his muscles and his facial symmetry and his hair. And Peter Quill’s like, ‘Uh, guys?’ ”

For your information, all actors who played in “Infinity War” had not seen the full movie up to a day prior to its premiere. Marvel had told them “only as much as we needed to know,” said Pratt. This was confirmed by Hemsworth as he said, “I’m pretty excited to see the movie just to find out what the hell it’s about.”

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