Chloe Madeley’s awkward mistake which meant she broke protocol at Royal Wedding

When Chloe Madeley arrived at St George’s Chapel ready to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot, many fans were rather baffled by her outfit.

The TV presenter wore a plunging low cut satin dress with tiny spaghetti straps.

While it was a lovely outfit, many suggested it was "inappropriate" for a wedding – especially not an extremely formal royal wedding.

As well as being low-cut, it showed her shoulders which you’re traditionally not meant to do in a church.

However Chloe, the daughter of former This Morning hosts Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, has now explained the bizarre mistake which lead to the fashion fail.

During an interview on Lorraine, Christine Bleakley asked about her outfit choice for the big day back in May.

She said: "The invite just said day dress and hat, but obviously we all know traditionally you have to cover your shoulders in church.

"I had a jacket with me, it was so hot and we were on the coach to the chapel.

"I was like I’m overheating, I need to take my jacket off."

Her fiancé James Haskell suggested she take the jacket off for the walk into the church, and then pop it back on again before they walked into the building. Good plan.

However there was a problem with his idea – neither of them remembered to pick the jacket up when they got off the coach.


Chloe continues: "We get down to the church and I’m jacketless, and then I said ‘where’s my jacket’?

"He was like, ‘I don’t have your jacket’.

"Okay, so I’m going in shoulders out, it’s fine, it’s not a big deal nobody will care.

"People definitely cared.

"People said I was offending the house of the lord. I did not need a religious war.

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"It’s okay, lesson learned."

Oh dear…

Chloe was at the wedding because rugby star James went to school with Prince Harry.

People on social media were quick to comment on her revealing outfit.

One wrote: "Hope Chloe Madeley gets personally escorted out the church by the queen for the state of that dress."

Another said: "Absolutely disgusted with Chloe Madeley. Totally inappropriate dress or rather lack of it. Braless and bare shoulders. Protocol is specified, who does she think she is! Judy and Richard I’m sure you are as ashamed as we are."

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