Chloe Ferry breaks down in tears on Celebs Go Dating as she reveals trolling has made her lose confidence in her looks

CHLOE Ferry broke down in tears on Celebs Go Dating as she revealed cruel trolling has made her lose confidence in her looks.

The Geordie Shore star, 25, got emotional as she revealed constant criticism of her looks has "battered her down".

Chloe said being called "fat, ugly" has destroyed her confidence and she now wants to rebuild herself.

Speaking on Celebs Go Dating in an exclusive clip obtained by The Sun, Chloe said: "Before I was on TV I was the most confident, outgoing person there was.

"I have just been battered down from being in the public eye on a day-to-day basis, getting called fat, ugly, like it sticks with you as a person.

"So I would like to be that confident girl that I used to be. And I'm just scared in case I can't get that back.

Anna Williamson replied: "That is, you're absolutely right. That self love does start here.

"I think the big thing for you Chloe is learning resilience. I feel for you. Because it sounds like you've been through a tough time.

"No one deserves to have the absolute awfulness that it sounds like you've been receiving from faceless people, from trolls. You are beautiful."

Fellow dating expert Paul Brunson previously told The Sun that people think Chloe is "fake" but she showed a different side to herself on the show.

He explained: "The biggest problem that people have, I think, with Chloe is that they don't know if she's real. That's the dilemma that people have.

"I was rooting for Chloe all the way until the last day. The reason why I say I was rooting for her all the way through the last days, because people are going to see a completely different side to Chloe. She's a lot more intellectual than people think."

Celebs Go Dating airs Monday to Fridays at 9pm on E4.

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