Cheryl is a star at heart but her comeback is a massive letdown

IT doesn’t feel that long ago that everything Cheryl did was front page news three times a week.

With an aura not seen since Princess Diana in the Nineties, the former Girls Aloud singer — whose hits includes Something Kinda Ooooh — embodied fame, fortune and a little romantic turmoil in a package of such beauty few could resist her charms.

She mingled with royalty, fronted TV’s biggest shows, dated A-listers — and occasionally did a bit of singing.

So news of her surprise comeback after almost three years out of the spotlight was dramatic — until it emerged yesterday that the big reveal was not an album of pop bangers, but a range of vitamin supplements.

Is that tumbleweed I see? Here’s the thing, Cheryl IS a star at heart. She looks sensational, has sold millions of records and climbed to the top of the showbiz tree.

And the trials and tribulations of her personal life have shown her to be vulnerable, flawed and down-to-earth.

But the steady downward spiral from fronting L’Oreal campaigns to endorsing an affordable hair extensions brand, and now championing a multivitamin range, feels like she’s given up.

In a string of carefully choreographed interviews yesterday — just days after her first return to Instagram in more than a year — Cheryl unveiled her role as Feel’s new brand ambassador to little fanfare.

Having taken a stake in the business, she was pictured clutching the little pills, which she claims have changed her life.

A lorry-load of excess about their unparalleled benefits drifted aimlessly over my head. Perhaps I’m not the target market. I occasionally take a bog-standard vitamin D and, admittedly, I don’t look as good as Cheryl.

Sure, she still looks every bit the pop star, but we’re desperately short of glamorous personalities at the coal face of British celebrity and I want her back doing what she does best.

I’m not even talking about singing. I don’t want my A-listers to be the face of health supplements and clean living.

I want their lives sexy and exciting, with the occasional domestic car crash followed by a happy ending.

Cheryl was well-qualified to be a judge on The X Factor because she had that star quality herself. No amount of supplements will replicate it.


IT has been six months since Rita Ora left these shores – and with our restrictions set to stay in place for another month, I can’t blame her for staying away.

She looks like she is having the time of her life using the Los Angeles streets as a catwalk following her five-month stint in Sydney, Australia.

She wore a colourful shorts and jacket combo to head to a recording studio on Monday, before getting changed to head out to eat in West Hollywood.

The Anywhere singer was seen heading to celebrity hotspot Craig’s in this brown baggy suit, which gave a glimpse of her bra.

And it just so happened that Jennifer Lopez was also there, days after I revealed they had struck up a friendship and were planning to work together.

That could happen sooner, rather than later, by the looks of things.


I’VE been championing Maisie Peters for almost two years and now Ed Sheeran has taken notice of her.

The superstar has signed the British singer-songwriter to his label, Gingerbread Man Records.

The pair made the announcement yesterday while revealing that her debut album, You Signed Up For This, above, will be out on August 27.

It will be preceded by the single Psycho, which was written with Ed – who called her “a very special artist” – and will be out on July 2.

Maisie said of Ed: “It’s kind of amazing and hard to believe that I get to be the 21-year-old who is now able to call him and the Gingerbread team friends, family and mentors for life.

“I’m so excited to announce You Signed Up For This.

“It really is my – albeit not hugely long – life’s work and my proudest achievement.

“It is my favourite album maybe ever, and while I may be biased, I really hope it goes into the world and becomes lots of other people’s favourite too.”


MARK Wright is raking in £2,500 per show for his coverage of the Euros on Sky Sports, which kicked off on Friday.

He is presenting a daily weekday show from 7am to 10am with co-host Bela Shah, and they were joined by Olly Murs on the first episode. His stint is will earn him £12,500 a week – more than £50,000 by the end of the tournament.

A telly insider said: “Mark is a popular face on telly so managed to negotiate an amazing deal. It is great money to talk about football, which he loves doing anyway. It’s a win-win.

"The first show last Friday got double the normal viewers for the slot, so Sky Sports feels like it’s money well spent.”

Mark was a semi-pro player as a teenager and signed for League Two side Crawley Town in West Sussex in December.

But he only made two appearances before being released last month. Here’s hoping he has more luck in the studio than on the pitch.

Back at it

DUA LIPA is back in the studio with the same people who helped write her album Future Nostalgia.

She shared photos on Instagram with Clarence Coffee Jr and Sarah Hudson, who co-wrote Levitating which is currently flying high at No3 in the US charts.


THE ex-wife of Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez is making sweet, sweet music with top producer Fumez The Engineer.

Rita Johal has shacked up with the Londoner after they hit it off while talking about her own plans to launch a singing career. Pals say they are now in love.

A source said: “Rita and Fumez were introduced at a family barbecue and things flourished from there. They started working on music together in the studio during lockdown and really fell for each other.

"She said it felt like they had an instant connection and now she seems really smitten with him. They look good together.”

Rita wed Riyad in 2015 and they have two daughters, but in February last year it was revealed they were no longer together and he was dating reality star Dawn Ward’s daughter Taylor.

Since then, Rita has been selling saucy photos on X-rated website OnlyFans and is now eyeing up a career in music. Her ex-husband may not be so eager to hear her tunes, though.

No one’s gonna call, Mark

HE has made some incredible music but I for one feel much happier not hearing Mark Ronson’s cover of the Ghostbusters theme tune.

It was recorded with Haim for the 2016 reboot movie.

In a chat with the pop star sisters on his Fader podcast, Mark said: “We should talk about the high points, like the things I’ve wasted your time on.

“We went into the studio to potentially work on some ideas for what your album two would’ve been and instead I was like, ‘I’m also supposed to be doing music for this Ghostbusters reboot, do you guys want to learn Ghostbusters?’. Which really was just a waste of your time.”

Band member ESTE added: “I’m shocked that they didn’t choose our version of Ghostbusters. It would’ve been incredible. We did the whole thing. We should just leak it.”

Some things are best kept to yourselves.

Adele's plea

ADELE has marked the four-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire with a desperate plea for someone to be “held accountable” for the tragedy.

In a heartfelt video online, the singer said there are still “so many unanswered questions” surrounding the 2017 fire at the 23-storey tower block in West London, which claimed 72 lives.

Thanking Grenfell United, a group of victims and family members of those who passed, Adele said: “There are so many unanswered questions.

“Still, the [public inquiry] is taking way too long, and still, no one has been accountable for that night’s events.

"And yet, Grenfell United is still out here, fighting tirelessly for justice and for the change that not only they deserve . . . that the whole country deserves.”

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